Pioneers Today

Pioneers Today

This blog is still under construction but i do not want anyone to come along here and find an empty page, so while everything else is coming together i thought i would take this opportunity to write a little. I have been blogging for over three years and i love doing, i love writing, but i felt that my blog and my writing had become old and needed an upgrade. The upgrade would come in two part either i would stop writing altogether and writers never do that or they needed to be a change.

Being a God fearing woman i prayed, i pondered, prayered and pondered some more until i came up with a new title ‘Pioneers Today’. I made a new blog but i haven’t written on it for several days, no had i until today put it out for public view, but here it is. I thought the title was a little odd, but my blog needed to mean something today and for the future. I sat with the title a little longer, then yesterday i received in the post the monthly church magazine and the Presidencial message was by President Monson and was called The World Need Pioneers Today – you can read it here. So maybe i had been listening to the Spirit afterall.

Last night i wrote in my Journal the following:

I think O’God for a prophet to guide us in these latter days. I thank thee for sending the gospel to lighten my mind with it’s rays. I thank thee for the Holy Ghost, the Spirit that whispers answers to my soul. Please help me to listen more clearly within my stewardship, that i may speak all that thou would have me speak. Let me hear with all my heart and my soul all that i need to hear. Help me to always chose the better part, to chose life over death, joy over sadness and light over darkness. Let me not be weary in well doing. Teach me walk and not faint, to run and not be weary. Help me to also eat the better part, to sleep early and rise early and to remember always to put you first in my day and every day. So no living man or woman can misunderstand my intentions, let me always stand as a witness of thy son, Jesus Christ, let me stand as a pioneer today. let me teach thy truths and they ways unto mankind. Let me teach 10 truths and no lies. let me put aside the things of this world that sit in shades of grey, let me always beware of these things and turn aside from always chosing the better part. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

So no one can misunderstand me i am a child of God and it is about time i started to stand for truth and righteousness always, every day in every place. I do not intend to write about God all the time, but he will always be just in the back ground as he part of my life and part of what i do every day. I will stand as a Pioneer Today.

12 thoughts on “Pioneers Today

  1. Beautifully written, Beverley. I’ll be praying your new blog touches many with the love of Christ. It was a hard decision for me to move over to a different blog too but so far it’s worked out fine.

  2. oh Beverley, I love how you received confirmation that the name you “heard” was the exact right name. Last night’s prayer comes straight from you heart and I sense that many blessings are going to flow through this new blog. Onward and forward my friend.

  3. The World so needs Pioneers Today Beverley and we should all listen to our inward spirit as we are forever guided along our pathways… Good Luck with your New Blog, and thank you too for being a follower of mine..

    Will look forward to your new updates

    Sue x

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