A World Made Perfect

A World Made Perfect


I recently had a dream and in that dream we were all perfect. Not only were we the perfect dress size, shape, height with no blemishes or bumps any place we didn’t want them, we were also the perfect age. In my dream the houses were prefect, the gardens were perfect and we didn’t have to work them either. The fields and the animals were perfect. There was no sadness, but there was no happiness either. There was no birth because there was no death. There was no growth because there was fallow. In my dream world everything was perfect and yet i felt no connection to anyone or anything.

We often yearn for a perfect world, where everyone would be happy. Where there would be no sorrow, no sin, no sadness, no hatred, no war. However without opposites we neither learn nor grow. We do not understand life until we have experienced death. We do not know true heartfelt gratitude until we have experienced loss. We cannot know love until we have experienced hatred. Neither happiness without sadness. the list goes on and yet we all want this perfect world. In fact many of us will pray for a world of peace this very day, but then do nothing to have our prayer fulfilled.

This day when you pray for peace, when you yearn for that perfect world, think on ‘what are you doing to bring about both?’

I have no wish to go battle against the enemies of the crountry. I have no wish to write a letter recommending that the troops are withdrawn from the war, which is not ours to fight. It is not in my remit to control such things, but it is in my sphere to bring peace into my life and the life of those around me. We all want a world made perfect but can we really pray for such a world? Can we take away our chance to learn for ourselves what life is really like or to learn how we can give service to those around us.

When the word service is mentioned our thoughts are often taken far and wide around this global communities, but how if just for today you serve yourself and then your family and then maybe even your neighbours!

What can you do for yourself today to make your world more perfect; have a relaxing bath, begin the book you have been meaning to read, spend some time meditating or praying, write on your blog, your journal or a letter to yourself, give yourself permission to make your life more perfect today?

What could you do today to make your families day more perfect, do not scowl at them as they leave, make their bed, do their washing (no muttering, no moaning), make a special dinner and sit down together at the end of the day?

What can you do for your neighbours to make their day more perfect; say ‘hello’, ‘good morning’, place a few coins in your pocket and plan to give them away to someone you pass that stands in more need than you do, do something that makes someone else’s life more bearable, more perfect today?

For one and for all send up a prayer of gratitude that you have been given this day to become a little more perfected in.


5 thoughts on “A World Made Perfect

  1. Love it. And the best part about just giving someone a quick hello is that even though it only took you two seconds to do, that little hello may have made that persons day. Or it may have made them think about saying hello to someone else. You never know how much a simple hello can effect/affect someone elses life.

    1. I am glad that you love it. Although there are many bad things in the world which is almost impossible for us to change there are many small things we can do every day and little things matter.

    2. I am glad that you love it. Although there are many bad things in the world which is almost impossible for us to change there are many small things we can do every day and little things matter.

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