Thank you

Thank you

thankyouThis post is an accumulations of several posts i have read in the last few days and my own thoughts. So if you feel like i am using your word i possible are, although my poor brain as forgotten who said what. I always intend to create a file, on the computer, with all the interesting things i read in a week, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe today, tomorrow or even next week, all plans are sketchy at best and at worse none existent.

I digress as usual. The fact is i come to this place to write from the heart, whatever my heart feels in that moment i begin to write. Today my heart has a profound intense feeling of gratitude and i hope i can do that feeling justice in these few words.

I guess the moment came yesterday or maybe it was last week, but let me start with yesterday.

I have been doing a lot of praying on the same theme recently, besides all the other daily things, my prayers have all been about money and my house. Lord how do i sort this one out? Actually Lord how are you going to help me sort this one out as i have nowhere else to turn and no one else to turn too. I am about to lose my home, my bricks and mortar and that is all it is and if i had somewhere else to go leaving it wouldn’t be such a problem, however having somewhere else to go, three cats in tow, is a very different thing.

So there i was yesterday ambling along through a busy shopping centre and where on the floor in front of me was a folded £10 note. Now £10 won’t pay my mortgage even for a day, however i will buy Sunday dinner for three. I quickly scooped it up, felt guilty, then stood there with it in my hand looking around me seeing if anyone was panicking because they had dropped it, but i didn’t see anyone so in the end i just slipped it into my pocket and then changed my prayer to thank you. It was such a tiny gift and yet to me it was all that i needed to keep faith in God and mankind too. Later i checked to see if it was real and it is.

So back to last week the same prayer was being sent out, please Lord help me, tell me, show me what to do. However in the mist of all this praying my laptop decided to go on the blink and needed a visit to the computer doctor. I looked everywhere i could think of that the paperwork would be, but couldn’t find, but at the eleventh hour when i thought all was lost i received a letter from my insurers stating that the warranty was going to run out on the 30th July. So i called them and my laptop went off for a weeks holiday for repair, sort of, but more about that another time and came back running perfectly for four days until it began having the same problem. So it needs to go back again.

At this time i was speaking to a friend of mine who said they would pay the insurance, Now when the suggestion was made i said a lot of ‘no’s’ but then i had a distinct feeling that i should say ‘yes’ and also a telling off. It felt the Lord was saying to me ‘you asked for me for help, i send it and then you say, no! What are you thinking of?’ I said yes and then from there the blessing as just continued to roll out. Not only is my friend willing to pay for one years insurance he said it would be cheaper and mean i wouldn’t have to worry for a while if he paid for four. I resisted the urge to tell him he couldn’t do that and just said thank you.

We need to remember to say thank you for the little things, especially in the times of great trial and tribulations and we all go through the same ones, just in a different order.


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