You know when…

You know when…

I am sure that you have watched those movies, you know the ones, where there is a storm which changes the very lanscape. Where people ferret out of dark holes to view a world turned upside down by uncontrollable events. That is what life will be like for many people today, who like me had the security of employment and now appear to have nothing.

However the one thing we should never lose is hope. For several months I have been discussing, almost arguing with my mortgage provider over just £7. They wanted me to pay this £7 off my arears, but I just didn’t have it, to the point that I had almost given up eating anything nutritious and lived off cereal. I would buy other food but be too afraid to eat it, in case I needed it tomorrow. The problem being that food doesn’t last forever and it would become rotten and had to be thrown away.

Next my computer developed an itch that it couldn’t scratch and then it went onto develop a major problem. I knew the insurance was running out soon but that needed £8 a month too, which I didnt have either.  All I could hear in my head was, but it’s only … but I didn’t have it.

So I bagan praying.  At first I felt a bit odd, praying for £7 for this and £8 for that. In the end I changed the specifics to ‘I need to pay my mortgage as not only me but also my family would be homeless,  ‘I cant teach others about eternal families if I do not have a working computer,  please help me. 

I didn’t suddenly get rich, no great aunt left me any fortune, but my prayer was heard any answered. In the UK we need to pay a tax to the local council, recently they lowered my payments by £10 a month, but it still wasn’t enough so who should I pay it too. I prayed a lot, but in the end I decided to pay my computer insurance. As without having a working computer I could not serve man or God. I had no sooner decided when a friend, who knows me very well, but not the final decision said they would pay the insurance on the computer.  At first I was adamant that I wouldn’t let me do such a thing, but later as I sat thinking,  I reached for my mobile and texted him ‘yes please.’ The greater blessing was that he didnt pay for just 1 year’s insurance but for 4.

I may not be rich by worldly means but I have enough for my needs.


3 thoughts on “You know when…

    1. I pay a 10%, tithe of my income which as you can imagine is not a lot, for which malachi promises us that the Lord will send down a blessing that there may not be room in your house for you to behold it. But every blessing counts.

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