Pharaoh Dreamed

Pharaoh Dreamed

boxPharaoh dreamed two dreams in fact, but the meaning was the same. Even after all the magicians were called to interpret the dreams they could not interpret the dreams, they could not give Pharaoh the answer and were sent away.

It was at this point that the chief butler remembers a man names Joseph, who he met in prison and who still dwelt there. The butler told Pharaoh of this man and Joseph was quickly brought from prison, washed, fed and stood before Pharaoh. Joseph explained there would be seven years of plenty and then there would be seven years of lean. He explained also that during the seven years of plenty Pharaoh should prepare for the seven years of lean. Pharaoh wisely chose Joseph to be the man to oversee the preparations. Joseph had more field plowed and sowed and then while they ripened he had great silos built to hold all the grain so that when the time came there would be food in the house.

Unfortunately for some of us the day of warning went out and either we didn’t hear it or or we didn’t heed it. So now we are playing catch-up. Many of us with have cupboards or pantries which are stocked high and a freezer which is full. We do not see a time of lean, when we and our family would ever be without. However with the world going through such uncertain time it is better to be wise now than sorry later.

Today is the day to begin the preparations to be able to feed our family for a minimum of three months. This is not my plan but a plan set out by the church through revelation from the Lord.

Today’s tasks:

  • Make a list of how much food you would need to feed yourself and your family for three months
  • Acquire a box, solid enough and big enough to begin a food store



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