Too Tired For Words

Too Tired For Words

A_picture_is_worth_a_thousand_wordsHere i sit without a word in my head, wanting so badly to share a few things, but my brain is just too tired. The Dr’s may be able to give me pills to help with the pain and pills to make me happy and pills to make me sleep, but no one has been able to give me a pill that will take this exhaustion away.

I have often heard other say they are tire, in fact i have probably said it myself, but i this is a whole new level of tiredness. It’s the type of tired you feel when you have the flu. Now i am not talking about a cold, i mean the proper FLU. The type of flu and tiredness that makes you think very seriously about wetting the bed instead of actually moving too the bathroom.

To add to the exhaustion i now have a new problem. My feet and legs are very swollen, get worse as the day goes on and i feel like i am walking on pins when they are really bad. The Dr said it was inactivity that was causing it and she is probably right, but it’s still not good. yesterday i did over 2500 steps but today the exhaustion monster has got me big time. People keep telling me to pace myself and to stop before i become too tired, but what if you are too tired to begin with?

A friend gave me a copy of a booklet the ‘Pain Management kit’. It talks about Accepting pain, Building a Support team and Pacing to name just a few things. Balancing the pain is all well and good but what about the exhaustion?

1. Accept – that you have pain. I do indeed and i accept it completely

2. Build a support team – family? friends? groups? I’m an introvert, i don’t do well in group, especially in groups of people i don’t even know

3. Pacing – ‘taking a break before you need it throughout the day’

That is as far as i have managed to get as each time i get those sorted i am too exhausted to do anymore 🙂

Time for lunch and a nap i thinks!



One thought on “Too Tired For Words

  1. Beverley my thoughts are with you … I so sympathise as to what you are going through… And I can only recommend what for me was a turning point.. And that is to try some Qi Gong exercises, which concentrate on breath.. I know I have pointed you to this before… but it pulls in energy…. which is what your body needs… Please look up Spring Forest Qi-Gong … and you can sit and do these energy healing exercises…

    Sending you a Huge Hug! xoxox Sue xx

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