You Never Know

You Never Know

WeetabixLast Friday i wrote about Pharaoh’s Dream, which was all about storing food. Now i know most people will have read it and thought, ‘why would i need extra food, i have plenty in the cupboards and the freezer is full.’ So why have a food store, that is separate from your normal foods?

  • You (or the main wage earner) may lose your income
  • You may become disabled
  • The winter is long and weather is bad
  • You may have unexpected house guests, that stay a while
  • God commanded us to do so

There was a time when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints commanded the members to store a year supply of the following; wheat, dried milk, honey, salt and a two weeks supply of water. These few things would provide all the nutrients needed to sustain life. However the church has recently updated it’s policies to the following:

  • 3 months supply of the food you eat every day
  • 2 weeks supply of water
  • Add some money
  • Then add a year supply of the above foods

You can read more here

It is a daunting task to try and work out what you eat every day and how much you would need to store to meet those needs. I thought i would start with breakfast: now remember this is not luxury food this is survival food. I needed to store something that would keep for 3 months and something we would all eat. At the moment my household consists of three adults and one baby and 3 cats. However the cats are not included in my reckonings they will have their own food.


Weetabix (2 per adult, 1 for the baby)

Milk (250mls each, baby may need more)


orange juice

Tinned/canned fruit (?)

The food stored has to last 90 days

1 adult = 180 biscuits, 5.6l of milk, honey, 5.6l  orange juice, 30 of a tin of fruit 

x 3.5 = 630 biscuits, 19.6l of milk, honey, 19.6l orange juice, 90 tins of fruit

This is a rough estimate, but it is a calculated estimate. There is no way that all this food would fit in a box so you may need to find somewhere else to store things.

We wrongly believe that we will never need this food and therefore it feels like it is almost a waste of time to actually store it, but last winter i the weather was so bad i was house bound for two weeks. I now live of the disability payments and restocking that box/cupboard is hard work as i keep having to use some of the things i have stored, but that is what it is for.

A couple of tips –

  • store by date and use before the date runs out
  • only buy what you and your family will eat
  • If you are storing the food in a place you do not see regularly then a box in a prominent position will remind you of what you are doing
  • we are all for down-sizing and being a minimalist, but a minimalist without food is still hungry

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