Library Visit

Library Visit

I am still trekking to the next town over just to go to the library as the city library still remains closed awaiting updates and renovations, but of course the city as no money for such frivolities as books. However it is the law that each city provides a library service, which come under the Public Libraries and Museum Act 1964 (7:1). They are getting round this by parking a library bus in the city square. Not sure how popular it is, but for some people, including me a decent library is a must.

So this month i have borrowed the following:





























































Gravity of BIrds.293x448

















Some to read, some to peruse and see what happens.

When was the last time that you visited a library?

In the UK they are trying to close them all, if they can, stating that they are not used any more. What a shame!

What are you reading?

It’s summer, everyone should be reading!


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