drip, drip, drip

drip, drip, drip


A number of years ago, in the middle of summer the government announced there was a water shortage and banned the use of hose pipes and the watering of gardens. Though people used less water than before, it was not enough. The government turned off the water to our house and all the neighbouring houses too. They then installed, at intervals stand pipes.

It was like being on a camping holiday. In the mornings everyone would slip on their dressing gowns and slipper and some just came in their pyjamas and people stood in line patiently waiting with their pans and buckets to get water. Some were fortunate to have large containers that would last them all day and some were not so fortunate and had to come back again and sometimes again and again.

I was fortunate, I was not one of those people. So how did I know what was going on every morning? The stand pipe was right outside my garden and I could see everything that went one. Why was I fortunate not to be there? It was because I had stored bottle water. Building my store slowly over time. The church recommends that we store 14 litres of water per person to last approximately 14 days. In today’s modern world most clean water supply can be restored within that time period.

You can read more about water storage here

It was a nice feeling to not have to stand outside early in the mornings waiting for my turn at the water pump. Do not rely on supermarkets to be able to meet demand in a crisis, they won’t be able to. Most supermarkets receive daily deliveries and have little or no storage area for products, especially water. It may not be a disaster that stops us having clean water in our homes in can be as simple as the government says so.

Start today, start small. Work out how much you will need for your household and where you will store it.

2 thoughts on “drip, drip, drip

  1. Great advice about having some bottled water in stock Beverley, We keep some in stock at all times and then work around using the oldest first etc, Also a good idea to keep extra tins of food stocked up and pulses such as rice or pasta, For I know if anything did just happen to go off in the world the Supermarkets would be the last place I would want to be in the Rush, Bank-holidays are bad enough 😉

    Enjoy your Bank-Holiday weekend Beverley
    Love Sue xox

    1. It was at a time when bottled water wasn’t so popular but i do remember the super market shelves being empty of all bottled water and nearly all fizzy drinks and instant drinks.

      Have a good weekend too xx

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