Be Still…

Be Still…

be still

Often we want something to happen. We may even want someone to change or even something to change and yet no matter how much we try nothing seems to work. We become frustrated and we begin to question God. We asked Him are you there and do you really care?

When the answer does not come quick enough, when our faith becomes frayed at the edges we begin to look outside of God’s plan for an answer. We turn to the world and we begin to search high and low, here and there for the answers but nothing comes. We forget about God. We sit his word on the shelf. It becomes dusty, we want to throw it out but each time the shelf is cleaned we put that old book back.

There are many people in the world that are searching for peace, for answers to problems. Problems that become embedded in our actual physical make-up, they become who we are and we become them. We start to make demands of this silent God, ‘it’s all your fault, you sort it out’, but we don’t ponder it in hearts and then lift our thoughts high on the wings of prayer to God.

God is waiting for the prayers of the broken, the sad and the lonely. The Son of God, Jesus the Christ came to earth to heal the sick has those that are healed need no physician. It is easy for us to follow another done the wrong path, especially when that path appears good, but yet if the way is wide and the going is easy then it is not God’s way. We are told the way to God is narrow and few there be that find me.

Take time to be still, to wait upon God until He is ready to show the way to truth and life eternal.


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