Yellow note paper

Yellow note paper

Can you remember when yellow lined not paper was seen as the ‘cheap stuff’? Then all the famous authors confessed to using it and things have certainly changed!

Whilst I was out wandering yesterday (i am not known for wandering very much these days), I came across a very lean looking (meaning thin) pad of the said paper, which was on sale for £3. £3, I said toy myself ‘haha, I don’t think so.’

If the meaning of something and therefore the value of something like a pad of cheap paper can turn on its head then what is the world coming too?

You can buy just about anything in this life providing you are willing to pay for it. You could even buy a spare body part, if you know the right people, who the right people. Or if you like, a bride or bride groom. You may be able to buy a body part such as a limb but there is no guarantee that it will work and you certainly will not be able to get your money back. Likewise you can buy yourself a spouse but that doesn’t mean love will bloom or that the relationship will be any better/easier than anyone else’s!

Personally i would save yourself the time and the money for the things that really count. We think that if we are rich we can have everything including happiness, but we cannot buy happiness. The less money i have the less i worry about it and the less i worry about what i will spend it on or what will happen if someone hacks into my bank account or steals my bank card. As long as i have enough to pay My Bill then life is good. Although it is often beyond my reasoning when others say i have no money, but next week i am going on holiday, i have no money but i have just bought … To say i never buy would be a lie but i buy what i need and little of what i want. Money only has value if we give it value.

Personally i am sat writing this on my mobile phone, but a scrap of paper would have done just as well, if i had had any, sitting in the cafe above the store charging the ridiculous price for a skinny pad of yellow note paper at £3 a go.


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