The reality of work

The reality of work

The reality of work is that work is hard and takes up your time, usually when you would like to be doing something else instead. However even from the days of Adam and Eve the Lord has commanded us to work; ‘…in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread…’ (Gen 3:19). Even today we are still commanded to work six days and then rest on the seventh day.

After spending a number of years, when my children were young, claiming money from the UK benefit system it was with a heart full of joy that i finally found myself in a position where i was able to provide for my family through work. However i had only been working a little over seven years when i yet again found myself at the mercy of the UK benefit system, although for a completely different reason. I have prayed long and hard about work in the last couple of weeks and the financial situation i now find myself in and yet i know that i am too unwell to work at this time, that was the answer to my prayer. I have even thought about working part time, a couple of hours of work a day, but financially it wouldn’t be viable as i would lose benefit money and i still wouldn’t have enough money coming in to be financially secure.

I do not want to be rich, I do not really want more than i need, but i can see a very very thin goose for Christmas this year. In fact i am not really bothered about that either. I love to give useful gifts to others, more stuff is just more clutter and after spending quite some time and with the help of my daughters to clear the clutter i do not want to add to it again. However if i end up with several very bad days that make it difficult for me to get out of bed, (even) i actually now understand how some people’s homes can end up full with rubbish. As in floor to ceiling and corner to corner. That is there comes a point when the thought of clearing up is too much to mentally comprehend never mind finding the physical energy to do so.

My point is this; God commanded us to work. That commandment has never been revoke, removed or even added to or changed and yet many seem to think it doesn’t apply to them, but it applies to all of us. However we need to work within our sphere, our ability, our remit. If i suddenly attacked the postman (it’s definitely a man, i have seen him) and start posting his letters for him i would be in trouble. Find something you can do and ‘do it’. Converse with the Lord God and wait upon his reply, but when you have the answer stop questioning him or ‘it’, ‘it’ being the answer to ‘what work shall i do and how shall i do it?’

None of us know what today will bring, but we can be determined to live it in such a way that it is pleasing unto God and man.


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