Simple Life

Simple Life

Yet again this morning i find myself reading other people’s simple life blogs and dreaming about ‘if only?’

However this morning i realized i may not have the life i was planning, but i definitely have a simple life. I no longer have a time table because i no longer have anywhere i need to be, unless it’s a medical appointment of one kind or another. I do not need a ‘to do’ list because i either do it or i don’t. I no longer need a morning or an evening routine as i am either awake or i am asleep. I no longer need to worry about money as every penny that comes in, has a new home to go out to in its not too distant future. I no longer need to plan the food shop as there is only me (although my daughter and granddaughter are staying with me at the moment) and i can eat whatever i like, when i like, cooked or uncooked, I could eat fruit all day one day and then chocolate all day the next and no one would know, no care. I do not need to worry about clothes, as i have enough. I do two loads of washing a week; one dark, one lights and about once a month i wash bedding and towels. Well there is only me. I could spend all day, every day in bed watching nonsense on the internet or sleep all day……

All this thinking has got me thinking, maybe the life i have been trying to find i have had all along.


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