Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

jesusDuring the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught his disciples how to pray –

‘Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

And give us this day our daily bread…’ (Matt 6)

In Genesis 3 we know that Adam and Eve were told that by the ‘sweat of their face they would eat bread’. In Exodus when the Israelite’s were starving for want of bread the Lord rained down upon them manna or a bread-like substance. In the New Testament, again during the sermon on the mount Jesus breaks bread and blesses it and gives it unto those who are present and bids them eat it in remembrance of his flesh.

Many of us are dying from the lack of spiritual nourishment. Not in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense. Amos states

‘“Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.”(Amos 8:11)

That day is here. That day is now. More and more people build their lives upon sandy foundations and when the winds and storms of life come they have nothing to stand on, no firm foundation. Many believe that the wealth of the world will be the thing that will save them. The more wealth they have the more they will be able to stand against the wilds of the world, but this is not so. Many feast upon this wealth but are are still not filled. All the wealth in the world will not stop the trials and tribulations that beset us, it will not give unto us the peace that we crave. It is time that we turn from the things of this world and find the better part. It is time that we feed our souls upon the bread of life, Jesus Christ.

There are many in the world that have a hunger that cannot be filled to the point of starvation. They and wander this life hungry, starving, running to and fro trying to to find the answers to the deepest problems, which afflict ourselves and our families, our communities. Is it possible to feed this almost innate hunger? Yes there is food to be had, food that can only come through Christ and by coming unto him in our daily life, through prayer and daily scripture study.

As I have sat with bigger problems than anything i have ever thought possible, through hurt, heartache and even grief, the Lord Jesus Christ has reached down and fed my soul until such a time as i could finally find my own peace. It is only though Him and his eternal sacrifice the Atonement that we can find the bread we need to feed our hunger and filled.  We need to have faith in Him and follow Him, not just today but every day. We all will pass through trials and tribulations in this life, but as long as we know where to turn for nourishment we will be restored to full strength through Him and by Him.


4 thoughts on “Our Daily Bread

  1. Good stuff, Beverley. I continue to try to live more in the moment, more thankful for my manna that he always gives and promises to give, and less in the worry about tomorrow. He gives peace in the day, if I’ll look for it and accept it. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. On a Monday evening its is family time, it a day when there are no other church meetings going and we are asked to spend the time with our family and with the Lord. My daughter prepared a simple lesson and again the message was ‘manna’ daily feeding of our spiritual self and not just the physical. It always amazes me when my children teach about Christ, it always leaves me with awe and wonder as it should.

  2. Interestingly enough your post goes with a topic we had on Sunday in RS (Relief Society) or maybe Sunday School about the mission of saving. I think we were slightly off topic but we were talking about how it had been prophesized that modern day technology would cater the scriptures. That it is so much easier now to read the scriptures because it is on our mobiles/kindles so on and so forth. It got me to thinking that people have the scriptures on their phones/kindles so on because the world is such an evil and decripid place, the time is nigh and we know the second coming is upon us that because the told is so evil we need our scriptures with us, daily, every second of every day. We no longer need to carry around a5 sized scriptures when a spiritual crisis occurs because we have them right in front of us and can turn to them quickly if needed… And most of the time these days it is needed. I was born in an era where the world is so tough and yet i have learnt to use these technologies so easily because the lord knows that us young ones require them more than those who are of an older generation who have maybe been in the church longer because the world doesn’t affect them the same way it affects young people now.

    1. I have never thought about it like that and yet i have been know to whip out the mobile scriptures and share something with Heron. I think the rescue lesson is this week for us, in fact i know it is. I have got back into my stride again and am enjoying teaching, but i still believe there are others that can do it just as well.

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