Room- Emma Donoghue

Room- Emma Donoghue

roomIf you haven’t read Room by Emma Donoghue then you really must. One of the reviews on the cover states that it’s a book to be read in one sitting. I didn’t manage that, it took me a couple of weeks, but i can see why one sitting would build the story within you and you too would be in Room.

What can i tell you without spoiling the story?

Jack is born in Room, with Ma and Bed, and Wardrobe. He is now five years old and it is the only place he has known. Room in 11x11ft square and that was his whole world. Beautifully written, captivating and totally convincing Jack tells the story of Room and his life after Room.

When Ma was only 19 years old she is kidnapped by and unknown assailant, her family believe she is dead and gone, they even hold a memorial service for her and life moves on into the unknown. Jack’s whole world is Room and TV. He is told that the people in TV are not real, that Room is real and there is nothing else but Ma and Old Nick who visits in the night and Wardrobe where Jack sleeps so Old Nick can’t see him or touch him. Jack’s world is Ma and Ma’s world in Jack!

Then one day a miracle happens and Jack plays dead in Rug and Old Nick takes him to bury him, But Jack is not dead and he and Ma had a plan, escape. Jack escapes and raises the alarm and then officer Oh rescues Ma. But life is so different in Outside and Ma gets sick and Jack doesn’t understand. As she gone to Dead in Sky? But Ma comes back and life changes.

If you love a good book this is the book to read. You will become Jack, you will become a 5 year old child trying to make sense of the world.

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