The Five-Factor Personality

The Five-Factor Personality






What makes you who you are?

I came across this the other day and i thought you might like to see if you are who you think you are. The Five-Factor (or traits) Personality Model states that we all share the same five traits only in varying degrees.  The five-factors are; Extraversion, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, and Openness.

I am

59% Openness

78% Conscientiousness

51% Extraversion

57% Agreeableness

45% Neuroticism

Now you can click here and see what you are

(PS If you happen to get my results then scroll down to the bottom and click on Start Here (It’s Free))





5 thoughts on “The Five-Factor Personality

    1. I am still on the learning side of things. Although basic survival is innate everything else is learnt behaviour from one source or another. Would be interesting to know which factor is more prevalent.

  1. Entertaining test, but I’m not sure if I interpreted all the pictures the way they were intended! Oh well, my results came out at only 36% conscientious, so I probably shouldn’t care 😉

    1. It would appear so 😉 One daughter is very neurotic and the other one extrovert. No idea where the psychologist got the idea that personality is genetic, what a load of rubbish. More about that later. The book is interesting though.

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