musical note“I saw three gritters go sailing by, go sailing by, go sailing by, early in the morning”

As i was stood, waiting for a bus at a bus stop near my home i three new shiny road gritters came sailing right past me, one after another. Another person stood waiting also turned to me and said ‘do you think they know something we don’t?”

“I hope not” I replied with a nervous laugh, “what i don’t need right now is snow.

However that was yesterday and today not only has the rain and grey clouds disappeared but we have a little blue sky and sunshine and all is calm and peaceful.

Here is a little calm for you too –




5 thoughts on “Gritters

  1. I learned a new word today! I don’t know what we over here call those things that spread sand and salt around on the roads, but “gritter” is a wonderful name for them.

    And yes, I hope you don’t need them for months and months yet. I hope I don’t either.

      1. I’m sure the people who work with them have a name for them (for all I know, they call them gritters!), but people-in-general either just lump them together with snowplows or call them something along the lines of “one of those sand-spreader things”.

      2. yes but the gritters come along before the snow plows, although i have seen them morph into snow plows at times of need 🙂

      3. They send out gritters when snow is expected here too. After that, if there’s a light snow, they’ll probably just send out plows to shove it out of the way. But if the snow is heavy and gets packed down into ice, or if there’s sleet or freezing rain, the gritters tend to come through again – maybe several times – after the plows, to provide traction or encourage the snow to melt.

        Of course even after all that work, you never know when there’s going to be black ice. 😦 I don’t like winter.

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