A Million Little Ways

A Million Little Ways


I am really excited! In fact i am extremely excited and i am so excited that i am finding it hard to sit still and concentrate on anything else. The women at the InCourage Book Club have chosen the new book written by Emily Freeman, titled ‘A Million Little Ways – uncover the art you were made to live.”

Thanks to someone else’s generosity i have my very own copy on my very own Kindle. There is a scheme been set up that ensures that asks those that can afford it to purchase an extra copy of the book for someone like me who really cannot afford to buy books can also have their own copy. This will enable me to join in with other book club members. They are still looking for others to buy and donate if possible and then more can come and join in the fun.

I have joined the book club twice before and i found it very uplifting. It is amazing to come across like minded people who are reading and uplifting and soul searching literature. Although i have yet to begin reading ‘A Million Little Ways’ i know that i am without doubt in for a treat.

And why am i doing it? This is my month to learn something new! I also know that to keep me on tract with my reading some gentle prodding from others is also needed and what could be more of challenge than to have read to the next bit in time for the next bit? You get what i mean, don’t you?  Sorry words fail me, but i must dash i have some reading to do.

a million


“A Million Little Ways” Emily Freeman


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