On My Nightstand

On My Nightstand

I find books fascinating. The way that one person can gather bits of information from seemingly nowhere and turn it into written prose. I think if i was ever to think along the lines of becoming an artist i think i would end up being an author. In my head i see thoughts of this and that all floating lazily in front of my eyes and yet it seems to take me so long to read the first one i catch hold of, that i end up missing several really good ones, because the good ones always get way! So for now, while i ponder, it’s a new month and there are books to be completed and new books to be read.

Still reading from October

A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman

a million


Also a book i have referred to but not introduced: Food Triggers by Rhonda Epstein

food triggers


And i went out and treated myself to – The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne W Dyer (a person i have seen referred to several times in the last months reading, thought i would try him out and see what he has to say)



They maybe more but for now that all there appears to be, happy reading!


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