Food Triggers by Rhona Epstein

Food Triggers by Rhona Epstein

food triggersJust finished a book called ‘Food Triggers’ by Rhona Epstein. Very interesting even though if it tends to meander a bit in the middle. The book is in three parts, it seems to be a common theme through self-help books these days and it is not a bad thing as it allows you to pause. However if you are looking for a diet book then this isn’t it. If you are looking for an instant fix to all your over eating and indulgences that have left you overweight and dare I say ‘fat’ then this isn’t the book either.

Epstein starts by explaining the brain science behind food, alcohol and drug addictions can cause similar chemical changes in the brain. She asks is it  possible to overcome these feelings by rewiring the brain? The book says yes! She goes on to point out that sugar is one of the most powerful food addictions that there is in the world today. Food Triggers can be different for different people. It is through careful self-study that we can find out what our own Food Triggers are.

The biggest surprise in this book is the fact that she includes God. Now I don’t mind having God in a book and being asked to pray to him daily for strength to overcome my weaknesses is not a problem either, to me, but I think it could be to some people. If saying a prayer or spending time in daily meditation allows you to take charge and to keep in control of what you eat and when then so be it. Believing that there is a connection between mind, body and spirit and it is when we tap into this connection that we can begin to understand why we overeat, maybe just what you need. As we begin to understand and accept that we have a food-problem and have also realised that diets don’t work, we will begin to see that there is often something must deeper within that is causing us to overeat and/or binge. It is these core problems that this book focuses on.

Towards the end of the book there is some guidelines on how to begin to tackle whatever food addiction you may have, but if you are looking for a book of diet plans you won’t find it in this book. I think the most helpful advice I can pass on from this book is find a friend who will help you. In fact in the book she recommends five friends, have their contact information where you can find it quickly and easily and use it if you need to. Consult a nutritionist or a dietician and even a counsellor if needed. And lastly remember that being overweight isn’t always about what you eat and don’t eat, although that is part of it, the bit that shows, it is also about the bits that nobody sees and even you dare not look at.

This book is for everyone who is overweight and has failed to lose and to keep weight off in the past. It is for those who are willing to face their biggest fears. It is for those who are now willing to go the whole way and live a open and honest life with themselves, no matter what anyone wants. It’s for those who are ready to change and to work hard, because nothing that is worth it is easy. I think it has a certain audience and wouldn’t suit everyone.

It gets **** from me!

(* so boring I didn’t get to the end of it

** I managed to get to the end but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

*** good, I finished it and I am sharing it with others

**** good enough to recommend it to others

***** fantastic, you shouldn’t go another day without reading it)


6 thoughts on “Food Triggers by Rhona Epstein

  1. As I came down to this part of the page to comment, I looked over to the right and saw “Writing to Wake the Soul”, clicked on it and read your review in Bookreads. Just recently I have been thinking that I really would like to find my spiritual center. So….I am going to order that book and work through it. You just never know how one thing leads to another and the answer to a prayer presents itself. Blessings.

    1. I have found myself on this mind, body and soul path to healing, it’s a very long path and it may take me all my life to get to the end of it but doing nothing is only making things worse. I hope the book will help you on your journey too. I am still working through it, just so you know!

      1. the mind, body, and soul path to healing is a lifelong journey I think and that has twists and turns and uphills and times to just sit on the side of the road while others walk past! That’s the way it’s been for me at least.

      2. yes i am in a moving season just wondering which direction will be the best. And journey with a friend makes life such a joy x

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