Faith and Trust

Faith and Trust

feet in waterI am still working through the book Writing to Wake the Soul by Karen Hering for myself and yesterday whilst finishing off my work with the first prompt Faith her last suggested writing was this –

‘Surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses, I step into the stream…’

This is what I wrote –

… life is never what we expect it to be or my life is not what i expected it to be! As I step into the stream dressed in a long plain white dress my feet are bruised, cut and bleeding. I have come a long way to stand at this point. I feel a gentle breeze and the sun warms my face, but my body aches and is so very tired from all the burdens it has carried for far too long. But here I stand.

I lift one aching foot and fear the sting and the pain from the water in my cuts but instead there is only balm, soothing. The water is cool and i can feel small pebbles and soft sand under my feet. I tentatively stand with both feet in the water. The water bubbles around my ankles but the water soothes me too.

I hear someone call my name and i raise my face towards the opposite shore. There are people standing there. I feel i know them but from this distance i cannot tell who they are. They call me by name again and beckon me to them. I take small slow steps towards the gathering crowd. Have they come to meet me, I wonder? No, they are still too far away for me to see who they are, but it is clear that they know me.

The water is now gathering around my knees and although tired i am strengthened by it presence. Then from behind me I hear a call. I know those voices. It is the voices of my children. They are happy and excited that i am being set free. They call me back to them. I turn and gently step through the water towards them. As I near the shore I realise that my cuts and bruises are all healed. I no longer feel battered and broken by the things of this world.

In time i know I will make my final journey across this stream and there meet with those who have gone before me. Those who are waiting for me to return home. All dressed in white they wave and turn to walk away. They are not saddened that i did not heed their calls but are glad that life will have a deeper purpose for me than before. They know that my faith in myself and faith in them will help me to continue my journey here knowing that one day all my cuts and bruises will be healed. For now, I will find enough faith to continue my life with my children.

*Now it is your turn. Take the prompt and start writing and see where it leads you. If like me you end up in a place you didn’t expect then don’t worry but accept those thoughts and feelings that come as an acknowledgment of who you are and where you are in your life right now. No two people will write the same thing because no two people have had exactly the same life experiences and it is these experiences that will lead you along our life’s journey.*


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