hugsThe 10 Essential Hugs of Life by Roy Spence

Roy Spence tells the story of his Dad and how he was a big man but yet he would everyone he met, men, women and children too. Roy came from a family of people who gave hugs. It was a good home, a good town and a good way to grow up. We are told that ‘hugs are like medicine’.

Several years ago Roy Spence decided to walk across America, he is still doing that. His mission was to take pictures of something good. He found that it wasn’t the big things that were important it was a the little things and basically we are all the same. We want to be touched and hugged. Hugs can change people from the heart out, we are told in this book.

He says there are four ways to hug;

The Mind Hug.

When someone is far away either physically through distance or just because the relationship has ended and things have moved on, we can still send out a mind hug. A mind hug is when we send out loving thoughts to another person and we wish them well. It is a hug that comes with forgiveness for past hurts and upsets.

The Heart Hug

It is so easy for us to carry around negative feelings or has Spence calls it ‘garbage’ but there is also ‘memories of special people’ that have come through our lives. They changed our hearts. It is important that we ‘heart hug these precious moments’ and people that have come through our lives. Hugs are friendly and healing.

The Touch Hug

Now a touch hug doesn’t even have to be a hug, it can be a touch or a handshake but what is important is that it comes with meaning. These hugs are genuine and not just glancing no matter how brief the touch itself. He says hugs everyone, even the ‘cashier’ at the store.

The Bear Hug

This is the arms around each other, making it count type of hug, this is the everything hug. Share it lots and with has many people has you can. When we hug others they learn to hug us back. This hug is about love, the deep kind, the i really care about you kind. It would be difficult to give this kind of hug and not mean it.

The 10 essential hugs are;

Hug Yourself First – we need to feel good about ourselves first.

Hug your faith – ‘Your faith grows stronger knowing you have faith’

Hug Your Family- even the ones you don’t like very much, you can at least send them a mind hug

Hug Your Friends – ‘Many times they need it and don’t even know it.’

Hug Your Flag – ‘All of us come from somewhere and have, at least someone.’

Hug Your Failures – we all get it wrong sometimes, but we should our failures and move on

Hug Your Fears – we all have them too.

Hug Your Future – the future looks and feels better when it is hugged

Hug Your First – the first time you did anything, sometimes it’s hard to remember but just work your way backwards until you get there

Hug Your Finals – hug the finale things in your life, such as the end of school, collage or even the death of a loved me.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Jared Dunten who after suffering an accident in the Rio Grande he became paralysed from the neck down. Instead of giving up he fought back and in 2004 he was awarded the student membership to the MFPA (Mouth and Foot Painting Artists). This is the book i would give to my friend, who because we now live in different countries we do not see her very often, but i know that every time she opens this book she will feel a hug coming straight from me to her.


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