The Hinge – Dr Rob Bell

The Hinge – Dr Rob Bell

bellI am still reading, lots, just to let you know in case you think i am giving my brain a rest. Just before i tell you about The Hinge by Rob Bell let me make an observation about my blog and it’s this; every time i put up a book review i always get a new follower or two, so i hope that those that come for the book reviews are not disappointed with the rest. I guess my blog is about life and about being positive when you don’t want to be and knowing that everyone has the same problems they just sometimes come in a different order.

So to the new book –

The Hinge by Rob Bell. At first glance and after reading the first few pagers i decided this was not the book for me. To understand what you are going to find between the covers of this book you need to know who Dr Rob Bell is, you can find that out here, but it is enough for me to say that he has a big qualification is Applied Sports Psychology. How does knowing what he does help you understand his book? That’s easy! He’s uses a lot of sport references and links them through what he calls the Hinge.

He says that a ‘door without an hinge is a wall’, i can’t disagree with him on that one and don’t think anyone else could either. However it is not the door that we go through but the hinge that allows us to open the door that holds the power to our failure or success. For instance let me share something from the book that is not sport related;

“For the first three years of WWII, the German army dominated. Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, ‘The Desert Fox’ commanded the German ground forces in Africa, a shrewd and distinguished taciturn in desert warfare. Britain couldn’t seem to keep up. Frustrated by the lack of on-field leadership, Prime Minister Winston Churchill went to Africa to assess what changes needed to be made. He appointed Lieutenant General William Gott as commander of the British Army.

The Hinge…

Before he could take command, however, Lieutenant General Gott’s plane was shot down. As a result Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery became the eighth Army Commander. The Second Battle of El Alamein immediately followed, lasting thirteen days. Oddly, Rommel was sick in Germany when the battle began and it was two full days before he returned to the field.

This battle became the first major win for the British and for the Allied Forces and General Montgomery’s greatest battle. It was the turning point of the war, ‘the beginning of the end’ Winston Churchill acknowledged…’

In all the instances that Rob Bell shares he shows how things and people were put in a set place so that what happened afterwards could not have happened in any other way. However we need to believe in ourselves and our ability to be able to accomplish successfully the tasks in front of us. He also talks about the ‘rusty hinge’ this is the hinge of defeat, where we set things up to achieve a goal but then do not follow through with what we need to do.

As i have already said this book is full of sport and how because a certain player was in the right place at the right time for the hinge to work, however if you can get pass all the sport, or maybe you will like all the sport references i think this is a really good book. We can either be the hinge for someone else or activate the hinge in our favour. It is thought provoking and there is this essence of positivism. It is a self-help book with a difference and it would definitely appeal to all the sport fans out there, wherever they may be. In the end i couldn’t put this book down and was looking for the next page even though i had come to the end.


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