Children are our future

Children are our future

20131103_112344When i was a little girl my dream was – well i wasn’t encouraged to have one, a dream that is, but children need dreams. When i was a child i remember changing the bunk-beds into a space ship and the dining table into a den. Life was not quiet in my house as there were five siblings, which by the time i was 11 years old we were finishing off cooking tea as both dad and mum were at work.

Life was tough. There wasn’t a lot and sometimes there wasn’t enough and although my parents were in a constant battle to survive; pay the bills, keep us all fed and clothed the one thing my mother taught was about God. Unfortunately the God she had been taught about when she was little girl was not the loving Heavenly Father i found as i grew older. However this post is not really about God but about children.

Whitney Houston sang ‘Children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…’ however all around me i see children being taught far less than what they deserve. In my Sunday school class is a 4 lovely girls and one handsome young boy aged 8. After some deliberation has to why his speech was delayed and when it arrived it was very imperfect, it was found he had an hearing deficit, which to some extent has now been corrected. However speech takes about two years to learn and so i dare say that in two years time he will have mastered it just fine, but for now it is difficult for others, including me to understand. However on Sunday he said the following to me that nearly made me cry, he said ‘i’m stoopid me.’ The first word out of my mouth was ‘what?’ I wanted to be clear i had heard him correctly. Again he repeated ‘i’m stoopid me.’

Holding back my tears i asked him who had called him such a bad thing and his reply was ‘everyone’.

I quickly replied ‘you are not stupid, don’t ever listen to anyone who calls you such a thing, it’s not a nice thing to call anyone.’ Now i know he has older siblings and sometimes siblings can be a bit mean, but to allow one child to call another such a thing would have not been allowed in any house i have ever lived.

Children become what we teach them they are. They also learn from our behaviour, whether good or bad and we although we are not perfect and they may be times when we lose patience with our children, it is always a good idea to explain that sometimes we get it wrong and we are sorry. Children learn good manners from us, as we are the role model for them. If children  hear us use derogatory names, swear words and blaspheme then you can be sure that at sometime in the future they will repeat what they have heard in the past. No child is ‘stoopid’ they’re behaviour may be a little silly sometimes but stupid never.


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