nativityI often wonder what those who do not believe that Jesus Christ was born are celebrating at Christmas? I mean that is what it is all about, isn’t it? I asked a daughter what she thought we would have to do to celebrate the real reason for Christ-mass and she quickly replied, ‘remove the money.’ She is right!

Now let me see, Jesus was born in a stable as there was no room in the inn for this royal babe. No fancy crib and no fancy clothes. In fact he came quietly and only the few who were really listening heard him come. No pine tree dressed in baubles and presents glittering underneath. No party food or party drink either. Just peace and quiet surrounded this child’s birth.

Although at the beginning of the story we are told that Mary is just a young girl, probably in her teens, i think we then forget that she was still a young teenage mother when she gave birth in a stable. Here she was in a strange land without even a mother beside her, no loved ones but Joseph her husband by her side. I am sure a local midwife would have been called as the time drew near and finally the baby was born.

In heaven the angels sang, ‘Hallelujah, praise the King of kings, He is born this night in Bethlehem.’ The shepherds, who knowing the skies at night, spotted the new star appearing and maybe there was talk among them, maybe someone knew what the new star meant, and told the others in quiet whispers. Then before their eyes heavenly messengers appeared and told them to go seek and they will see, and they went.

They were not dressed in finery and they did not have much but they brought all that they had, a new born lamb and presented it unto the child. From that moment they knew that this child was the Son of God. They were told to go tell everyone that the Christ child was born. You know lambs are not born in December and never have been, so why do you celebrate Christ’s birth in December and not Spring? How are you planning on celebrating Christmas this year?

Today i went to buy a Christmas card for my parents. I went to several shops and in the end i had to buy a pack and why? Because i wanted a card that depicted the true Spirit of Christ-mass, a picture of Christ or the nativity. In fact in one shop, a well known shop, when i asked them if they had such a card, the answer came, ‘if it’s not there then we don’t have it!’ I wished i could have whipped out my camera and taken a photo of her face as it was a right picture, it was saying ‘why?’

So, in all your giving and getting remember that without the birth of Jesus Christ there would be nothing to celebrate.


7 thoughts on “‘Humbug’

  1. Me? I’m the humbug. For all the reasons you listed and because I just can’t swallow all the craziness that Christmas has become, three years ago, I decided I was completely opting out of celebrating except for making a meal to share with friends and family if they happen to be around. No cards, no shopping, no tree, no stockings, no nothing! And I haven’t looked back.
    I’ve even been known to comment that it’s not about putting Christ back into Xmas – as the slogan here goes – it’s about living the light of Christ every day in every way and what on earth does Christmas have to do with that?

    1. correct and i would love to do that but my family won’t let me. So this year it’s a token gift to keep everyone happy but i would love to get all my children together and have a meal sometime over Christmas. Besides living on benefits mean i have little or no money. As for my Christmas list i have asked for the things i will use every day all year in some cases. And cards except for the pack of 20 i have just bought that’s it. Most people i know, like me, recycle them anyway so i am not sending them except for those who are far away.

      1. sounds like you’ve got if pretty well taken care of in a way that suits you and your circumstances. More people should do that instead of going into debt every year and then spending the next 3-4 months paying off the Christmas bills. Insanity.

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