Pray often

Pray often

Although we are taught in scripture to praise God and give thanks sometimes we need to ask for blessings. I am sure that just like me you have found yourself in situations where something has gone terribly wrong in someone else’s life and you feel powerless to help. The nothing you can do feeling can harrow up the soul to such an extent that you can think of nothing else. Well, that’s the way it is with me. Yet in these situations we can offer up a prayer and request a blessing for that person.

My daughter told me about something that happened in her life recently and how she offered up a simple prayer of ‘please bless this person which what they stand in need of’. Let me share the true story how I remember it.

In Bradford city centre there is an old man who is a busker. He owns an old guitar from which he play the same three cords to about four songs and sings along, often singing the same part of the song repeatedly. My daughter told me the following experience and i would like to share it with you.

However, one day, so the story goes he wasn’t playing or singing and looked rather sad, which was never his way. My daughter didn’t know what to do, but walked over and added a few coins to his empty guitar case, which had been laid out for the purpose and said the words to the prayer. As she walked away two other people also dropped coins into the case. Just this weekend I was out with my daughter when she ‘excitedly pointed and cried ‘oh look’. There in front of us was the same old man being taught new cords on that old guitar by a passing young man and they were both smiling and enjoying themselves. So maybe now we will get new song?

Now my daughter did not know what that man needed when she offered up a prayer on his behalf. Neither did she know how far reaching that prayer would be, or who the Lord would use to bring about those blessings. All she did know was to pray and let God do the rest. After all it is all we can do.


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