Raising a Lady in Waiting…

Raising a Lady in Waiting…

…Parent’s guide to helping your daughter avoid a bozo by Jackie Kendall.

I could sum up my feelings for this book in very few words, ‘I love it, love it, love it, read it!’

This book is for every woman, mother’s of daughters and daughters, in fact it should be read by every man too. It is for everyone who has Jesus written in their heart and want the same for any younger woman they may know. Jackie Kendall speaks boldly about the sexual dangers that are constantly pushed into our faces, I love it for that. She speaks about how it is never too early to teach your daughters to protect themselves from the bozos of this world, I love it for that too.

Jackie Kendall uses the story of Ruth found in any standard Bible and encourages us to read Ruth’s story of courage to leave het family and her God to follow Naomi. How the Lord blessed Ruth for her diligence by providing for her a righteous husband in Boaz. Jackie then directs us to Proverbs 31 which contains the qualities of a virtuous woman and how we should cultivate these virtues in ourselves and in our daughters. She goes on to talk about how we should teach our daughters to Wait for their Boaz to come along and not settle for a Bozo.

To use Jackie Kendall’s words to summarize this book she writes, ‘

‘The Lady in Waiting

Recklessly abandons herself to Jesus Christ

diligently uses her single days

trust God with unwavering faith,

demonstrates virtue in het daily life,

loves God with undistracted devotion,

stands for physical and emotional purity,

lives in security,

responds to life in contentment,

makes choices based on her convictions,

and waits for God to meet her needs.’

This book is based on Jackie Kendall’s experiences, wrapped in the love of God for his daughters today. This book will leave you thinking and wondering long after you have finished it.

On a personal note; as I have read this book I have been sharing parts of it with my daughter, Emily and we have shared several discussions. This book is not a safe guard for everything but if you or your daughters have Jesus written in your heart at all times then you do not have room for anything else. Also for any mother who think they have failed, you have not. For there comes a point when your daughter daughters and sons have to make the choice you did, to write Jesus in your heart.

(NB sorry unable to add photo of the book still working on my phone)


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