Life’s Purpose

Life’s Purpose

It’s won’t be long before this year will be done, finished, over and I don’t know about you but I am still pondering the meaning of life and what my purpose is.

One person tells me I should be doing this and another will be telling me i should be doing that. For instance one thing that I have read often is that to find your purpose in life is to go out and do the one thing that you love with all your heart. If yout heart is in it then you cannot help but win. Be an Artist or a Chef or a Painter or an Author, but not everyone can create the next master piece. Although I enjoy writing I am no great author, though i like to paint I am no great artist either.

Recently I have been reading a book, which Informed me all I needed to do was state my intention and then act as if I had already received whatever it was I wanted. Then I would know my life’s purpose. I have been trying that for quite some time and still I do not feel like I know what my life’s purpose is.

However a friend sent me the following at the end of an email –

“To love people, to be indispensible somewhere, that is the purpose of life, that is the secret of happiness” – J Edgar Park.

To have a life of purpose is not necessarily one that makes you famous, not even for a moment, but one that when we die and we all will, someone, somewhere will remember us. We need to decide today what it is that we stand for, what we believe is right and truth and stick to those values even unto death.

Today the world mourns the death of Nelson Mandela who adhered to those values he held dear to heart, even until the moment of his death. I know God will welcome him home has a faithful servant and our prayers are with his family and close friends. He is now at peace.


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