19th of Christmas

19th of Christmas

One day, a few days ago, my daughter asked her friend what date it was? Her friend replied ‘the 6th of Christmas’. At first my daughter didn’t realise what her friend had said, but then she smiled it was the 6th December of course. However this little gem seems to have stayed with me and each of my Journal entries from then on have been headed with the _ of Christmas.

Today it’s the 19th of Christmas. The tree is all hung with lights and baubles. The presents are wrapped and stacked underneath. The freezer and cupboard are full with special food and treats. And yet i can’t help but wonder if this is the Christmas i really want. What would i do with my time if no shopping was to be done and no tree to be decorated?

On Sunday i will join the children has they play out the nativity scene. Being of an average age of six they do not really understand the true meaning of Christmas and unless we teach them they will never understand. Also if we do not teach them, then they will not teach their children. We need to teach them that Christmas is about giving in remembrance of the Son of God, Jesus Christ who gave all he was, even his life so we can live forever.

No matter how good or virtuous we are in this life, without the saving power of the atonement we cannot hope to return home to a father who loves us no matter what we do. What are we really teaching the children we come into contact with?

Here is something the children will be singing on Sunday, although it is not them singing, they do sing beautifully.


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