What a fuss!

What a fuss!

amelia 3Yesterday evening i had the great pleasure of looking after Amelia, who is now 11 months old, as mummy had to go out for a few hours. Amelia has been able to walk since she was 9 months and those sounds are really coming into words too. However she has also learnt the two year old ability to have a temper tantrum when she is told ‘no’.

However i had to feel sorry for her when mummy had to leave, and i do not believe in hiding the fact that mummy is leaving from a small child. Up to last night Amelia has been alright with me as a substitute, but last night we waved mummy bye-bye and she set to crying and sobbing and if i picked her up she would throw herself backwards, if i put her down she would flop onto the floor. She was over-tired, had not had a nap. In the end she fell asleep on me just has her tea was ready at 4pm. I had no choice but to lay her in her cot.

At 6pm i heard a murmur and although not really awake i decided i needed to wake her up. I got a similar response has before. Until that is i produced a bottle of milk, then cheerios, then toast, then whilst in the chicken she spotted the chicken fingers her mummy had said she liked and wanted one of those, and then some mini chocolates. She finally decided i might be alright after all and stopped all the crying.

That was until she decided she needed to take all the decorations off the little tree and i said ‘no’. Then it was back to to the screaming and tantrums and banging herself on the floor. It had got to 7.45pm and decided a bath was in order. I dutifully informed her that it was bath time and she stopped all the fuss and followed me to the bathroom where she just stood and watched the water go in and bubbles come up. Now that part was very cute to see.

After bathroom time came song time and she was okay with that too. Then came milk time and story time. Then as she sat on my knee i said to her are you going to go ‘night-nights’. At very least i expected a ‘no’ but what i actually got was a sweet little yawn and a flickering of the eyes. I laid her in her cot, thinking she would never sleep has she could be tired yet, but after all that fuss there was silence. For a very small child she is very clever and knows already what she wants and what she doesn’t want and is learning very quickly how to get it too – Little Monster!

amelia 4

amelia 5PS The photos were not taken last night!!



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