Christmas comes but once a year

Christmas comes but once a year

StackOfBooksI am sure that you know, but let me remind you, that Christmas comes but once a year. It lasts for a couple of days and then it is gone. So why is it that people go on this frantic shopping spree and spend all their cash, including some they do not even have? We run here and there and buy this and that, then take it all home and come the 27th December we wonder what we spent all our money on and vow not to do the same next year. But the next year comes around and we do it all over again.

On Saturday i was in a particular store, a well known one, but one that will remain nameless here. Within the store there had been a small Christmas section set up, but already the shelves were empty and the store assistants were setting up Spring. All over the store was a 30% sale. A sale to which i succumbed and bought a skirt i more wanted, than needed but one that i know will do me well for several months, maybe even years. I am not a mad clothes shopper but buy if and when i need, which is not as often as you would think. However as far as the store was concerned Christmas was over already and before the day was out so would be the winter sale too. The next season of the 333 Project begins on the 1st January 2014 what about joining in.

So here is a thought i have been having; what about starting Christmas in January? I like to receive gifts and i also like to give them too, but at Christmas we become all warm and fuzzy and we give more. What about starting to give in January and continuing all year long. What about ‘Not Spending’ for a whole year? What about going back to old fashioned values and giving just one gift, that is handmade? What about an experiential gift? What about making Christmas last all year?

I have the last year get rid of ‘things’, ‘stuff’, which i no longer needed no wanted. I have shut my attic rooms down now as they are all but empty and contain no furniture, not even a bed. So although i haven’t moved my house has got smaller. I still have one problem though and that is books. I love books. I love new books and i am always happy to receive a book voucher for some guilt free shopping. But, if you are like me, many of the books on your shelves are read once and are never read or even looked at again. I mean i promise myself i will read them again, some day or other, but for novels i rarely if ever do. We now have a new city library, which is more central and easier to get to than the old one and i am looking forward to spending lots of time visiting it. I have noticed and booked-out lots of new books too and i just love that new book feeling. Maybe for now my books stay! However there are many children in this country and in other countries who do not have access to books of any kind, look out for more about this fact on my blog in the new year.

After spending a year down-sizing i never want to up-size ever again. Clothes i need very few ย of, but books may always be my thing. Do you have a thing?


8 thoughts on “Christmas comes but once a year

  1. oh yes i have a thing … which is a big thing or not 1 thing but lots of small thing that make lots of mess my craft … which is a about time i made into some thing useful …. now christmas in January sounds good or all year round sound fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. For me it is books, and craft things e.g. fabric and threads for sewing or cross stitch. I do try and make a lot of my gifts now, they take time but show more love. This started a few years with baking and giving jams etc for presents and now I sew a lot of them. It would be a lot easier and quicker to pop into town and just pick something up, but I can rarely afford that these days and I like to think that hand made gifts are appreciated.

    1. I think the lack of money has made me realise there is much i can do, which cost less and means more in the end. I have received your gift today, but i haven’t opened it, but i am excited to find what is inside as the tag is very intriguing.

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