I’m not sure…?

I’m not sure…?

A_picture_is_worth_a_thousand_wordsI am not sure what my blog is, really, honestly! It is probably the rantings of a deranged mind but nobody is perfect not even I- or is that me? I started writing a blog, not this version, to be able to find a voice for some of the thoughts in my head that wouldn’t go away and so that i could find some space for new thoughts and in someways i have managed to do that. Although the the crazy ones occasionally all try and speak at once still, and it leaves me all a bit confused.

However, I have recently read lots of ‘how to’ blogs and they normally say pick a theme and then see where it leads. The problem is i don’t seem to be able to do that, no matter how i try to do so. In fact one blog suggested that you write several blog posts in front and it is my desire to try and do a little of that, then if something happens and i am pushed for time i won’t have to leave a blank. However i do feel that some people follow me under false pretenses!?!

Let me explain. You see i love books and i love to read and i read wide and far and i have gained a number of followers for that fact alone; in fact it has been quite astonishing to me how many people do follow me for that reason. However that is not all of me. Another part of me is that i am a Christian and try to live my life in such a way that others see that i am different and wonder why i am different, although a little imperfect too and sometimes i write about my faith too; people follow me for that reason too. Then i love to take photographs and there was a time when i would photograph just about anything, but then life became too sad to think and i stopped, but this year i am hoping to start again (and that!)

I also live a simple life; part through choice, part through necessity. I also enjoy good, simple food and love to try out new recipes and twiddle them a little bit to come up with something else on the same theme. I now suffer from bouts of IBS and need to eat little and often and simply too. In a world that seems to thrive on fast food it is often difficult to eat well, in fact it is almost seen abnormal to want to eat well and eating out always seems to be on a run, which is not good.

So you see although my life is slower and living is simpler i am not so sure that i am any less complicated than i have always been. So during this coming year expect some things about Jesus and his teachings through my ‘Way to Be..’ posts, some food ideas, and recipes, some photographs more about the 333 Project (Courtney Carver – Be More With Less) and other simplifying ideas and plenty of books – I know i am a little behind but i have just bought the Hunger Games!

All i can say is ‘stay tuned for more rantings from a deranged mind.’


10 thoughts on “I’m not sure…?

  1. The blogs I enjoy the most don’t really have a theme. They are more conversations of this or that. Because, let’s face it, people are full of ideas, and interests, stories and just stuff. So, today we might be interested in this and tomorrow, in that. it’s what makes us interesting, as people, and as bloggers too! Looking forward to another year of joining you in conversations whether about food or faith!

    1. I tend to stick with blogs that keep me interested and make me think or laugh or are useful. The ones i leave tend to be the ones that stop writing. Thank you i know you will find plenty to feed the body and the soul.

  2. Whew – you had me worried at the start of this post! Personally, I prefer the blogs that wander around a range of subjects – whatever the writer is interested in. A few times I’ve started to follow a blog that turned out to be all about one thing, and quickly lost interest. I’m so glad you’re going to keep sharing what you have to say about all sorts of topics.

  3. I love that your blog is diverse, Beverley. It’s real. I can’t stick to just one topic on my blog either. But that’s how our lives are, so why not our blogs too? 🙂

  4. Just be yourself. I read a quote from someone else’s blog today, which I’m going to mangle: “You came into this life a unique being; don’t die a copy.”

    Write from the heart. That’s why people will follow your blog. They’re really following you who just happens to be writing a blog. They like you or they wouldn’t follow you. If someone follows you, they resonate with you on some level, whether it be about books, Jesus or photography.

    No one who follows you will read every post you make. That’s natural, especially when you have a variety of interests. When something catches my eye from my recent blog activity page, I read it. If it doesn’t, I move on.

    Just dig in and write about whatever moves or motivates you. Write about what makes you feel happy, sad, whatever emotion you happen to be feeling at the time.

    Whatever you do, do not question your ability to communicate. Don’t write about what you think might please your reader, although I wouldn’t entirely rule that out. Write about what pleases or does not please you. While unique as an individual, you are not all that unique in experiencing emotions. People relate to that.

    Get your camera out. Have fun with it. Cameras are meant to have fun with. And you SHOULD have fun, even though you are an adult. Fun shouldn’t be exclusive to the young.

    When we forget to have fun, we forget about what living is all about, not that living is all about fun, although some who think they’re adults seem to fall into this category, judging from many of the tweets I read in twitter.

    There are many ways to have fun; the camera is just one of those. It may be sitting on a park bench and watching children play. Or, it may be playing with your own children, if you have any, or grandchildren, if you’re old like I am.

    Fun came late in my life. I think I was born old, or at least it seems that way from my present perspective. So, sometimes I have a hard time having fun because I’m kind of a loner. But I still manage it every so often.

    If you feel like talking about Jesus, talk about Jesus. It may turn some of your followers off, but I doubt it. If they don’t want to hear about Jesus, I suspect they’re just move on and wait for something they are interested in.

    Some people like hearing about Jesus. Remember, you’re writing for yourself, not for other people. If people want to climb about your blog wagon, they’ll do it. If they don’t resonate with you, they won’t. That’s how the world operates, at least a sane world.

    Never get into the mode of trying to please everybody. That will never happen, not with your blog, not with mine. You simply can’t please everyone; no one can. Remember, everyone is different and while their interests may sometimes coincide, they are unique beings and have their own interests, most of which will probably be different from yours.

    So, get out that pen (okay, keyboard) and just be yourself, for that is who you are. And don’t listen to me if you don’t feel like it.

    Have a very happy and successful new year.

    1. Did you take a breath while writing that? I think that must be the longest reply i have ever had but it was well worth reading it all and i hope anyone else coming along will find something in it too.
      You are right i need to be myself. I like you tend to be a loner although at some point in the distant past i did get married, had four now grown up children and now i have two granddaughters. Last night i realised that although i can worry and pray for my little family i cannot make them see what i see or do what i think is right, they have to live their own lives. I have also decided i need to live my own life too. Sounds easy buts nothing ever is.
      I have learnt many things in my life who have made me who i am even if i am not who other people think i should be. Hope make that makes sense.
      This year will be a year of change has every year is. I wish you all the best for the coming year, keep writing.

      1. Very well put. And thank you for “all the best” wishes. Hang in there. This year will be your best year ever. If you’ve read any of my series, “10 Things I’ve Learned from Three Failed Marriages,” you know I’ve been married, well, three times. 🙂 2-2-3 = no. of kids in each marriage. Don’t know how many grandkids I have because there have been several born out of wedlock, and I’m not kept informed to know if they’re continuing in that vein. 🙂

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