Be Grateful

Be Grateful

begratefulLast Christmas i bought myself a book to write my daily blessings and to take up the challenge to write down a thousand gifts in a year. One thousands things to be grateful for, how difficult can it be?

Actually if the pages of the book are to testify of my challenge, it was extremely difficult. I know i could have started with the easy ones, now let me see; mum and dad (2) three sisters (5) a brother (6) four children (10) two granddaughters (12) nieces (23) nephews (27) Great nieces (34) Great nephews (42) and a great great nephew (43) a daughter-in-law (44) a son-in-law (45) two brother-in-laws (47) a sister-in-law (48) all those who are married to one of my nieces or nephews (55) but i didn’t actually start there, i started with the harder ones. The things that catch your eye but are difficult to explain.

For instance; Little girl sat on the bus with pink sparkly shoes, (or) the rose blooming way outside of summer, (or) the birds, freedom to worship God, talking to my mother, that moment of clarity, sunshine on a winters day, clean water, a comfy bed, blankets, clothes and food to eat…

…the list goes on and on. Instead of being a thousand gifts from God i wrote only 126, there is much work to be done. There are moments that come and go and although i stand has a witness to the blessing of that moment by the time i have found a pen and some paper that moment and the gift that was given, as gone. I wanted to be open and aware of the gift i see every day and somehow forgot there were some gifts that i see or think about but yet they didn’t always get included. Have i given up the fight to write a thousand gifts? No not me, i am not the type. I want to fill my heart and my life with gratitude and by doing so not only bless my life but the lives of those i come into contact with every day.

I have learnt the word ‘Eucharisteo’ it means to give back thanks. So to thank someone or something for something they have given you freely. I also learned ‘statio’ the pauses between the moments and how we should be grateful for the pauses in our lives as well as the busyness.

It’s January, but more than that i have been given a new day to start again to count the blessings, the Gifts, that are given in the moments and to freely give back thanks. By counting just three a day i will reach my target of one thousand Gifts but it needs to mean more than that –

127. Breakfast

128. Clean water on tap

129. Electricity at the touch of a switch


January is my month to Be Grateful.


10 thoughts on “Be Grateful

    1. We all think we are unique but really at the basic levels we are all the same, we want love and acceptance, without those everything is unimportant.

  1. Remember, you have made 129 and it’s only January 6. You still have an entire year left to come up with 871 more. So, don’t worry so much. You’ll do just fine. That’s only 2.426183844011142 blessings a day. Should be a piece of cake. šŸ™‚

  2. I don’t write in my blessings journal every day either, but I think just having one helps me be more grateful because it has me thinking about my blessings more, even on the days I don’t write anything down.

    “I wanted to be open and aware of the gift i see every day” – that is a gift in itself. Happy Counting!

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