Asda calls this area - the incentive (?)
Asda calls this area – the incentive (?)

A number of year ago whilst teaching a youth class at church about Moses and the Israelite people spending 40 years in the wilderness and how the Lord made sure that at least they didn’t starve. When one bright-spark, you always get one in every class, announced that they would have shopped at their local Mosasda. After a little prompting and explanation from the young man none of us could stop laughing. Of course he was talking about Moses and the supermarket chain stores Asda/Walmart and created a whole new company Mosasda.

Although a little lightheartedness is acceptable while teaching the youth and the joke was funny there were was no such thing at the time that Moses wandered in the desert for 40 years. However that is not the case today. Today we have a deluge of supermarkets. In fact it is as if there is one on almost every corner of the city and when they are too big to fit on a corner they are built in wide open spaces, with large car parks for all the customers.

In the small town i grew up in (about 70, 000 people) there is now 3 large supermarkets and 2 of them are next door to each other. What do they all sell? Mainly the same things as each other. I mean if you were crazy enough to run from from one supermarket to the next and was very strict on what you bought you might be able to save a few pence, maybe even pounds, however and most likely at the end of the day you would end up spending more. So the first point is; find a supermarket that you like and stick with it, don’t go from one supermarket to another hoping for a better bargain.

At the entrance to every supermarket that i have been in there is a always a produce section and just in case you do not know what produce is, it is fruit and vegetables. The opening display looks fresh and enticing and welcomes you in. This is the place to find the offers, however (and i seem to be doing that a lot today – however) these offers are often misleading and can sometimes cost you more that you anticipated in the beginning. If you are buying for a family of hungry children or young adults you will probable find that these offers disappear in no time at all once home, but if you are buying for the lone diner, as i do, or a cosy twosome they may work out to be a waste of money.

How to check;

Look at the quality – is it as good as you would expect it to be?

How much is the cost really?

Are you really going to eat 10 apples before the eat by date or before the produce goes off?

Often these product are nicely packed in plastic bags and sold at what appears to be a better price than buying them loose. However you will need to carry out a few experiments for yourself, but what i found for myself is that 5 small bananas in a pre-packed bag was at least £1, not much really, until you realise that similar weight and number of bananas cost me 52p about half the price. I have found the same with apples and pears and those small oranges we all love.

One last point for today but i will be back to food and the fact that most of us are so confused we have no idea what to eat. More and more produce are being pre-packed in the supermarkets, but do you really want a plastic bag? Often i will pick up loose potatoes or carrots or apples or those mini oranges and then at the check out, after wrestling with with checkout assistant about not putting them in individual bags that they really don’t need, put them all in a cloth bag, which is more than sufficient. Remember you are the customer if you do not like what you see then don’t shop there. Learn to talk with your feet and walk with your money to somewhere else.

I would be interested to know if anyone does a price challenge and what the difference is, happy hunting or is that eating?


2 thoughts on “MosAsda

  1. My small city has a plethora of grocery stores too. I wonder how any of them stay in business when they are so close to each other. I basically choose the closest one to my house (which I also think is cheapest) and stick there. But they don’t have a few items that I need (? like), so I have to visit another one every few weeks.

    1. Asda is the nearest to me about a mile away. I actually managed to get a produce guy agree with me today that individual fruits are often cheaper than the packs.

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