Just Reading

Just Reading

Anyone who knows me at all will know that the one thing i do almost continually is read. So here a glimpse at what i am reading at the moment.

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins


I have completed the first book and it been good enough so far, if not a little scary, to keep me reading into the second book, will review when i have finished them all.

Way to Be – Gordon B Hinckley

way to be

Still pondering on this one. The first chapter is titled ‘Be Grateful’ and i am using this during January to direct my thoughts, my words and my deeds.

Waking Up to What You Do – Diane Eschin Rizzetto

waking up

‘A Zen practice for meeting every situation with intelligence and compassion.’ I read this book a few years back and all last year i wanted to re-read it but never found the time. So i have decided to start the year with it.

Slow Food, The Case For Taste – Carlo Petrini

slow foodIn 1986 Carlo Patrini organised a protest against the building of a MacDonald’s at the Spanish Steps in Rome. Carlo sparked a following and the Slow Food movement was born. This book explains how one man’s protest against fast foods became a global Slow Food Organization.


One thought on “Just Reading

  1. I read the Hunger Games recently as my kids all loved the series. I thought they were o.k.but they weren’t my favourites and I probably wouldn’t read them again.

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