Living the Simple Life

Living the Simple Life (Not my kitchen, but i wish it was) (Not my kitchen, but i wish it was)

It appears to me that the more simple my life is the complicated it becomes and not through any choice of my own either. Let me try and explain!

If i could live on a desert island, with swaying palm trees, where they only contact with the outside world came once a month by boat, the only life i could live would be simple. However for me and for most of us we live among other people and i often find myself fidgeting about in my life trying to get comfortable. I live about a mile from the city centre and even i can walk to the main bypass road, about 400 meters and yet most of the year i live alone. But we are social beings, human beings need the companionship of other humans. However other humans do not necessarily live the same way we would like to.

I only need to look backwards a month and i am reminded of the craziness that was Christmas. With people rushing here and there, spending money they do not have on things that by now have probably been forgotten. My daughter shared this one experience with me; she said she over heard one man talking to another saying that he had had to sell the furniture to buy presents for Christmas, what? As he gone mad? Actually i think the world has gone mad.

We live in a world of want, where children are going hungry not in some far off land but on our door steps and yet (crazy) grown ups are selling furniture not to provide food but to buy the latest gadgetry. For me living the simple life is about living a life of value and not about spending money for that which as no worth. Somehow our priorities have all gone askew and we need to reevaluate where we are in our lives.

Here is some of the ways over the last few years that i have changed my values to reflect the simpler life i am trying to live. I also believe that by living a simpler life we are protecting the planet and therefore each other too.

  1. I gave away my television. It saved me over £400 a year.
  2. I only have wi-fi access on my mobile, although it is capable of having a roaming internet connection, i decided i didn’t need it and didn’t want it.
  3. I no longer buy meat. My weakness is bacon, but if i want some i have to go out and buy it as it’s not readily available in my house.
  4. I consciously try not to use throw away items, plastic cups, bags, plastic bottles, etc.
  5. I do not buy pre-packed fruit and vegetables.
  6. I try and use the library but books are (also) my weakness.
  7. I have down-sized my house without moving out.
  8. I given away anything and everything i do not use.
  9. My microwave died over Christmas, i will not be replacing it as i rarely use it.
  10. I would love to eat organic but alas it is sometimes too expensive
  11. I gave up buying magazines and newspapers as they often laid in my house unread and gathering dust.
  12. I have the clothes that i need and not many spares, about 33 items.

The simple life means different things to different people and only you can decide what is right for you. I may not live on a desert island but i am trying to create an harbour within my home, a place of safety from a crazy world.


One thought on “Living the Simple Life

  1. Simple is good; I do it. But simple can be an excuse to live alone.

    Living alone can be good; I do it. Living alone can be a way to get away from it all. I live alone, out in the boonies, away from it all.

    Living alone is not the same as being lonely, but it can be. Humans are social beings, but I’ve never been socially adept. So, living alone, for me, can be an excuse to remove myself from socially awkward moments, like being home right now instead of being in church, as it’s Sunday.

    Some say, “Oh, for the simple life,” when, in fact, most people, I think, wouldn’t know what to do with the kind of simple life, such as you point out. We (not I) can’t be without all our little world in a hand-held box (I don’t have a smart phone, so called, but I have a hand-held phone).

    Most wouldn’t know what to do if they had to grow their own food and not eat all the poison-laced food you buy in the grocery store.

    What would happen if we were without power for any length of time? No water, no heat or cool air (depending on the season), no food (grocery items would disappear off the shelf in a matter of hours), spoiled food in the refrigerator, no trucks moving to bring in new food. I mean, what would we do?

    This goes beyond the simple life. To properly live the simple life, one must properly prepare for it and then hope it doesn’t happen……in the extreme, anyway.

    Always live the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared.

    No I must leave for church.

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