On Eating!

On Eating!

clementine_16x9This post is all about eating. It is not about dieting, but let me just say every single one of the women’s magazines i noticed today had at least one article on dieting or healthy eating or both. Of course the new craze is the 5:2 diet; which is eat normal amount of calories for 5 days and then a quarter of the ‘normal’ calories for 2 days a week. The ‘normal’ and i write it in inverted commas, as there is no such thing as ‘normal’ you will have to work out how many calories you need to stay breathing and sleeping before you can work out how many calories you can eat on a fast day. However the average woman burns approximately 2000 calories sleeping and breathing and if you know such a woman maybe you could introduce her to the rest of us.

How does it work? Easy really. When you fast and the for the following 24 hours your body goes into starvation mode and will do all that it can to save calories, however when you then give the body three times the amount of calories it is use to, it quickly burns up the excess causing weight loss. if you space the fast days a few days apart then you will cause your metabolism to swing from fast to slow, slow to fast and it’s actually not a good thing. After a very small search on the internet i came across lots of people cheering the new diet but this article called ‘The 5:2 diet con‘. I have to agree that starving yourself is just plain silly.

Most of us need to learn to eat properly all over again. We have been bombarded with one food scare after another in recent years to the point we are quite literally becoming too scared to eat. Not only are we scared we are also confused about what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. Did you know that 160 years ago when everyone that worked had a physical job, actually consumed the greatest calories at breakfast which would sustain them throughout the day. If they were lucky and worked on the land they could expect to eat meat and vegetables most days and some times twice a day.

Personally my body has got to the point where it no longer knows what to eat or when. My average week’s diet consists of breakfast cereal, milk, orange juice, yoghurt, fruit, granary bread and tinned soup, which is usually vegetable and chocolate and i also drink lots of water. I encourage myself to eat other things but my body refuses to allow me to eat them to the point that i feel nauseous. So i  have decided to follow this simple rule, ‘eat when i am hungry and eat what i am hungry for and stop when i have had enough.’ I am always hungry in the mornings, for me that is a good to begin my quest.

Although i have spoken to my Doctor about my strange eating he doesn’t seem unduly worried by anything as i have no other obvious symptoms to be worried about. Also as i am unlikely to wither away for some time i  have decided to allow my body to dictate what i eat and when. I am planning on keeping a record of food eaten, only to see if what i think i am eating is what i am actually eating. We are very clever at hiding things from ourselves.


4 thoughts on “On Eating!

  1. So true. I guess it all comes down to not eating too much, try to eat healthy and go for a walk, work out at a gym, a bicycle ride or whatever makes you feel good.

    1. There are days when the most exercise i can do is get out of bed only when absolutely necessary, but i have decided that if i dwell on the positives all the time, which may make me sound a little loopy at times, then the hard days are easier to cope with.

  2. It is true really. The magic diet is just to eat healthily and no more than we need, it is as simple as that.

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