A Million Books

A Million Books

20131211_113915‘Too many books, too little time,’ Frank Zappa

I have come to the conclusion that i read half as slow as i use to and that i often have to re-read the same part of a book because my mind just wanders off on it’s own and i lose the story. According to my Goodreads account i read 38 books last year and 22 of those books were fiction or novels.

I already have 25 books on my to-read list, many of those are already occupying space on my book case. Then there is the amazing library and all the hidden books on my kindle too. I love my kindle but a paper book is more visible. I can see myself continuing to de-clutter and down size but i think i will always own books. But i am good, i keep them all on the same books case. It is floor to ceiling and i have high ceilings but once it is full i need to have a clear out and i do.

In fact just yesterday i had to take all the books off the bookcase as the lounge is being painted in preparation for my new sofa coming next week and i have bagged up one large bag of books-to-go. I would like to promise i wouldn’t buy any more books this year, but i know from the start that would be a lie. However i do need to read more.

Aman at ‘Confessions of a Readaholic’  made a goal to read 100 books in 2013. He ended up reading 78 but even that is double what i managed to read. This goal is a little too lofty for me. He also set himself the challenge of reading 100 pages a day; i have tried this, but after 50 pages i am a little bog-eyed and my mind is wandering.

So 100 books/pages is too many…

Lisa over at ‘Lisa’s notes’ has joined lots of reading challenges and i did promise her a list of the books i would (try) and read in 2014.

Not sure if a big challenge is what i want, as i tend to become over concerned about failing to meet expectations…

So no big challenge…

So what will i do?

  • I have decided i need to read the books that have been waiting or give them away. The decision of what to keep was made yesterday. I plan on reading 1 from this group every month. These will be known as the ‘Waiters’.
  • I want to read at least 1 book a month based on one or more religious principles. My desire is to understand more about what i believe in and also come to know Jesus Christ more deeply. This is the ‘Religious’ group.
  • I have a ‘Kindle’ group which i also need to read. 1 a month – maybe?
  • I also have books on loan from the ‘Library’ and a couple of books i want to ‘Re-read’. These books will share the fourth week of the month.

Although i never read just one book at once reading 4 books in one month will definitely be a challenge, in total that will be 48 books. I have set up a 2014 book shelf on my Goodreads, but i will come up with a list by next week. I am also going to include any book i have already read or are reading in 2014 so far. That would include ‘The Wife of Jesus – Antony Le Donne’ and the ‘Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins’.

Watch out for ‘The List’ next week.


9 thoughts on “A Million Books

  1. I love books and don’t know how people survive without them. Like you I have space issues so I regularly go through my books for a sort out and pass things on to friends. I only keep a book if I really love it and know that I will reread it some day.

  2. Hi, Love your blog, it’s great! Please follow me back for FREE excerpts of my new novels: Confessions Of A Jet Set Babe, with real photographs to accompany the stories. http://www.jetsetbabes.wordpress.com and ‘like’ the Facebook page: Confessions Of A Jetset Babe. Glamorous, scandalous, indulging, gossipy reads x

  3. Best of luck for your reading! It happens with me too. Whenever I go somewhere books are always flattering to me, and especially in flea market. I just love their old covers and that salty, nose tickling smell of them! 🙂

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