Food, Lovely, Food

Food, Lovely, Food

WeetabixWe are so lucky in the Western world to have so much food and so much choice! Or are we?

Personally i think we have too much food and too much choice and yet all the food in the stores cannot not be given the same value rating as to whether they are good for us or not. Now think on this –

A friend’s husband tells the story of the day he was driving a hire car. He pulled into the gas station and pulled up at the pump, filled the tank up, went to pay, climbed back into the car, went to start the engine and stopped! It was at that moment that he realised he had put the wrong fuel in the car. Now as any driver, i am not one of them, knows that if you run an engine with the wrong fuel the whole thing will cease up and if it manages to get far enough around the engine the whole engine would need replacing. A costly mistake.

Yet we make the same mistake every day with our own bodies. I am quite confident to say that anyone reading this post will know what the correct fuel is to make our bodies run at the optimum efficiency and yet many of us will make the wrong choice today. We or may be i should say I work on the assumption of ‘fuel now, pay later and i’ll worry about later when ‘later’ gets here.’ This is my week for owning up, telling some truths i have been avoiding in the hope that no one else will notice. The fact is no one else is noticing, but i am.

Last June i turned 50. Now in anyone’s life that’s middle aged. In the last few years i have had to give up work and so i have put on weight, about 2 stones or 28 lbs in two and a half years. Now it doesn’t sound a lot, but added to the extra weight i was already carrying it is not helping. However i know that diets do not work, but i do believe that when we are ready to change the teacher will come and a number of things have happened recently that has verified this belief.

Firstly i have started attending a ‘Inner Focusing Group’ at a local centre. It is throwing up some inner insights already. I have also started reading and become ‘hooked’ by a book called ‘Live Long, Die Short by Robert Landry (more about this book later). However Landry shares the point that our adversity to change is linked to fear; in the time of the hunter/gatherers sudden change was linked to danger such as a wild animal attack. Although we are unlikely to need to run from a wild tiger these days we are still wired to fear change and this is why change, such as a major diet shift often fails.

Landry talks about something called Kaizan. Kaizan means ‘small change’ in Japanese, which although originally used in business is beginning to be seen as a way forward for better health. It is through tiny, small changes over long periods of time that we can stop our automatic responses to ‘fear’ taking over. These changes may actually be so small that no one else will notice them and it may appear that you are not moving forward, when in reality you actually are.

I started the month learning to sit still in silence do nothing. I use this quiet time to allow my mind to freely find the next change and for me that was sleep. Going to sleep within the same hour every night when you have no reason to get up in the mornings can become a problem, it had for me. From there i have started to keep a food diary, food diaries are always surprising to me. I have also started keeping a Gratitude diary and Being Involved hence the group; spending most of the week at home on my own is not actually a good thing, i found myself eating more than i needed and becoming depressed. The more depressed i felt the less i wanted to do.

Change comes slowly one step at a time. I only started reading the book this week, but i had already started my journey to make permanent change. Not sure where it will lead me but the teachers are arriving. What tiny change could you make this week to make your life better?


2 thoughts on “Food, Lovely, Food

  1. Oh, I like this kaizan idea! Let’s see, small changes…I could use fruit (even dried) or veggies for snacks instead of, well, all that other stuff. Thanks, Beverley, and let us know what you think of the rest of the book!!

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