The Pain Game

The Pain Game

fibromyalgia7Every morning i wake up it is there, the pain. But where is it? Now there lies the problem with FMS. The pain is in the mind. The mind had enough it packed up, switched off and when it switched on it wasn’t quite right. However the pain in the body is real as far as the mind is concerned and that what counts.

The brain is not damaged, there is no trauma to be seen on MRI scans. However scans are showing that certain areas of the brain are more active, those that show depression, in FMS patients than in normal brains. There still remains the mystery of how FMS begins and how to stop it. Some people say they don’t have it any more, which make me wonder if they ever had it in the first place. But there are those that say they have found a way to live it and i believe them. The way to live with ‘it’ would be different from person to person and yet Dr’s (bless their little hearts) want to treat everyone the in the same way.

FMS has been ignored for many years, but just recently lots of research is being carried out into why it starts and how to turn it off. Let me just say that at the moment they treat it with ever increasing pain medication including opiates such as morphine and epilepsy drugs, such as Gabapentin and Pregabelin. None of this actually works although we can convince ourselves that it does help. The only useful drug i have come across is anti-depressants, which need to be changed to a different one regularly, because after a year the body is used to the drug and it’s not as effective. This is the same for all of the drugs prescribed. I am only naming a few drugs here and each have their merit for the individual person.

I would like to try something if you will let me? I think i can make your big toe hurt? Would you like to try? Okay this is what you do; first read the rest of the instructions,

– take your left shoe off and rest your foot on the floor, now close your eyes and picture your left big toe, once you have it fixed in your mind, pick just one joint if it’s easier, i want you to tell it that it hurts, now tell your mind that the joint on your left big toe hurts. Now wiggle it and tell it, it’s all better now.

I will be interested to know if anyone managed to get their big toe to hurt.

FMS works along the same lines. The mind could no longer cope with whatever was happening and broke. However unlike telling your big toe that it is fine and will be alright the mind is unable to do the same for the pain that rages around the body. The constant pain causes chronic fatigue. Fatigue causes stress-stress causes depression-depression causes more pain——- if i could join the end together i would.

So don’t tell those family members and friends that have Fibromyalgia to take a pill and get over it, because if you intend to do so, be prepared to dodge all the missiles they will at least try and throw at you, that is before the weeping and crying begins too. FMS is a dis-ease of modern living, more about later.

Do you know that the only reason it is called a syndrome and not a disease is because there are too many variables from person to person.


9 thoughts on “The Pain Game

  1. I wish I could wave a magic wand and have you wake up pain free tomorrow morning. I remember wondering what that must feel like or what it must feel like to wake up rested each morning, one morning? I continue to hold you in my heart and prayers and to pray also for a solution to this syndrome which too many of us live with.

    1. Thank you Joss. I wrote the post yesterday today things are a little calmer, but it is time to be honest and if i upset others, including my family, it is not my intention.

      1. Be you and as the inimitable Dr Seuss said “those who matter won’t mind and those who mind don’t matter” and yes, I know, it’s never quite that simple. Glad today is a better day for you.

  2. Suffering from FMS is so hard for people to comprehend… We look perfectly normal and yet no one can see or feel the pain other than ourselves..
    You know my own story of living with FMS and alleviating the severe pain and symptoms… I know my own frustrations as I battled for 2 yrs to get diagnosed ..
    My thoughts are with you Beverley that you find some means to help heal your condition as you then can live with less pain … I still practice my QiGong and have regular Acupuncture, This weather is not helping either…
    Sending you love and Hugs

    1. Thank you.I think it’s a weather thing and the fact that i can do it all myself kind of person. Too many things from my past litter my pathway to the future. I have joined an inner focusing group to hopefully help with the depression. xx

      1. That is a great start, and like ‘the Expert Patients Programme’ helped me, it put me in touch with people with chronic illness and pain… A shared experience and talking and sharing helps us let go of the past garbage we hang onto..
        Good Luck Beverley,, You can do it! 🙂 xxx

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