February Reading

February Reading

StackOfBooksMy Goodreads challenge now says i have read 12 books of my 48 for the year. That was after i figured out how to make the system count the books i had read.

The dud for this month so far has to be The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins. A number of years ago i read two books of his, The Blind Watchmaker and Unweaving The Rainbow, i was enthralled by both book and so decided to try a third. Being more Creationist than Evolutionist any further reading by Dawkins would be a big mistake. Personally i think he got success with his first books and then became-too-big-for-his-boots and now thinks he can go around saying anything he likes, including that the Jewish creation story is a myth, but he cannot prove it is a myth. My scientific mind would say that the earth could not have been created in 6 days and that i can quite easily accept that the earth is about 4.6 billion years old, but that’s not to say that the order in which the earth was created is not as it is set out in the Bible (or bible as dawkins writes it). Or that they were an Ultimate Creator, which to some of us is known has God. I also believe that we have evolved and are still evolving but we were never a fish. Why? Because if we were a fish then fish would still be evolving into land creatures, tail or no tail. Dawkins makes some good comments concerning the life of the earth and i can accept that but to rile against another’s belief is not on. (i’m done).

I have also read Stolen by Rebecca Muddiman, which is her first novel and well worth reading if you enjoy a crime story. Reminds me a little of Ian Rankin. Not going to give anything away, sorry you will have to read the book for yourself. However, a women is kidnapped and assaulted and a baby goes missing and there are police people like Gardner. However i don’t get why she added an story about another child going missing, in the middle? Maybe she needed more words, maybe she will come to the second little girl’s story in the next book although it appears complete, but i don’t think so.  However being a first novel it will be interesting to see if she can create the same inviting, riveting plot again. Does three ‘However’s’ mean it’s a good book? Yes i think so!

I also read and are re-reading Live Long, Die Short by Dr Roger Landry. After writing to Landry on his website and telling him how amazing his book was, he took the time to write back to little-ole-me. I still say this book is a good one and worth keeping hold off in the long term.

Then there was the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Lastly, The Wife Of Jesus by Antony La Donne.

Still reading –

The Case For Divine Design by Frank B Salisbury, which is science meets theology in the quest for an Ultimate creator (reminds me of Star Trek!?!)

The Railway Man by Eric Lomax, which has recently been released on film, but of course you need to read the book before you get to see the film. My daughter tells me Lomax is played by Colin Firth in the film, not sure if it’s true but an interesting thought as it’s not how i picture Lomax at all. This is an autobiographical account of the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbour and Singapore and what happens to the English service men and civilians that lived there. I haven’t finished it yet, but i would bring a few tissues along and give yourself some space to sit and read in its totality or at least in big chunks.


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