I’m a Planner not a Doer

I’m a Planner not a Doer


If you want me to plan your next party i can! It will be perfect right down to the coordinated cutlery and napkins, But whatever you do, don’t expect me to follow through. You will have to get someone else to do that for both of us.

You see it is not in my nature. The very fact that i manage to write a post every morning and send it out there into the universe is a tribute to un-planning. Let me explain. I have a note pad and when i get a thought, an idea or if i see something that catches my eye and could become a brilliant ides for a post i write it down. In fact my little note book is a testimony to my randomness; as some of the pages are lined, some are plain white, some have squares on the, some are plain brown and i even have a few plastic pockets in there to add – what? Who knows! The notes are as random as the pages.

I also have a confession to make; I am a Piler- a pile-a-holic truth be told, and i am not sure there is any cure for it. My piles are normally constructed of books but they could contain just about anything, such as old newspapers and opened letters and all that junk mail that arrives through my door ever day. I believe that if this type of advertising was stopped it would save a tree or two or even a forest; what a waste of paper.

That’s another thing with me, my thoughts are as random as my notes and note paper. Here one minute and then somewhere else the next. I also expect everyone else to be like me too and know exactly what i am thinking and where my thoughts will go next. Maybe that is why meditation can be so difficult?

The other problem i have is that i am a constant planner; notes, post-its, doodles, even on my mobile i now have a lined note pad. It is also full of random nonsense like this – ‘Yogurt – 1 litre of milk, 3 tbsp live yogurt’, i think it is a recipe for how to make yogurt of my own, or ‘We do not heal because we try to hard to heal’ (Rossi/CSI),(yes the TV program), or, i have a few addresses (i suppose that’s okay) a list of films to watch which i haven’t looked at since i added it and my bucket list, which actually says at the top ‘live on a boat or a barge and sell the house’ – now there’s a plan if ever i saw one.

So what to do if you are a like me, a ‘Planner’ and not a ‘Doer’…

… I’ll let you when i sorted through the planning!

Are you a planner or a doer? Or are you lucky and are you both?


13 thoughts on “I’m a Planner not a Doer

  1. I can certainly relate to this. I thought for a moment that you had sent spies to ferret me out, but then, you said you only make plans, not follow them through.

    Plan, piles, you said it all, and I am guilty of all. You wouldn’t want to walk into my home. That’s all I can say. LOL

    1. Well i try my best to not let the piles get too big, however if they are not books then they do tend to get dropped in the nearest bin, i really can’t be bothered to search through them all ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I should probably take the same attitude as you do about the piles, but I seem to think they are important, for some reason. Actually, some of them are and need to be filed away…if I can just get a round tuit. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. what you need is ‘i must keep this pile box’, which is what i have, no idea what is in it but i know whatever it is, it was something i needed to keep and if i need it i know its there – somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

      3. That’s a good idea were you talking to someone who is organized. Besides, my small bedroom is so cramped with stuff, I don’t have room for another box. LOL

      4. I’ve got financial papers mixed with genealogy mixed with writings for my blogs and novelโ€”I just can’t bring myself to throw it all out. Worse, I can’t bring myself to go through it all and file it away somewhere, not having enough room for filing cabinets, except every once in awhile I get the “bug.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m a planner and a piler. I would love to know where you got your notebook from that contains blank pages and lined pages and other random pages and pockets. It sounds like a planners heaven!


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