The Simple Life

The Simple Life

moonWe are so busy, busy, busy! Life is so busy, busy, busy! The fact that i am not at work any more doesn’t seem to make any difference, i always seem to have to something to do or somewhere to go. I continue to struggle both physically and mentally with my inability to carry out even the simplest of tasks – some days.

I seem to find myself in a vortex of space with the world rushing and crashing around me and i am trying my best to catch up and keep up. There are times when i nearly do so, but then something happens i have to let go, which causes me to spin on the spot and crash to the floor, where i can often stay for several days. Now do not think for one moment that i literally mean the floor, i do not, it’s hard to explain. I can no longer stride along at any speed and often find those around me rushing here and there, busy, busy, busy!

Last Thursday evening has i returned to my front door after coming from my daughter’s where i had been looking after my granddaughter, Amelia, i paused on the doorstep as i fumbled with my door key. As i looked up, there to my left just above the houses was the moon, it’s full face showing. For a few moments i stopped, i paused and the world paused too.

After all the storms that have lashed Britain over the last couple of weeks to see a clear sky was rather amazing. As i live not far from the city centre to see the moon and the stars so bright i could almost reach out and touch them was a perfect picture of hope. It was as if it was saying, ‘it’s alright to go slow, it’s alright to stop once in a while.


5 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. Stopping and just being in the moment Beverley is something we so seldom as we get drawn into the ever faster lanes of living.. And as you well know I too had to stop and take a breather.. The Moon was spectacular… Here too.. a clear night for a change.. and boy we have certainly had our share of rain and storms… I am pleased you felt that moment shift within your consciousness .. When it happens like that, it allows our awareness to grasp the importance of slowing down and to stop and take stock of those precious now moments…

    Thank you also Beverley for you wonderful comments… they were much appreciated.. Hugs Sue xxx

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