Money Fast

Money Fast

Money Tree
Money Tree

After going money spending crazy since just before Christmas i have decided it is time for a money fast. Much of the money was spent in an orderly manner, for want of better way to put it; i did buy a new sofa and fire and surround both which were badly needed. I also bought some clothes, some needed and a couple of things wanted. But the binge is over and it is time to stop.

At the end of January i decided to order my food shopping online and have it delivered. The thought behind the idea was to stop the endless trips to the supermarket buying things i need along with many other things that do not need, but want. Physically walking round the supermarket effects me in a number of ways, which are all linked to the Fibromyalgia, such as carrying heavy tins, i.e cat food, often leads to repeated trips to the same store; rinse, repeat and go back and start again.

However although i have not been near the supermarket until yesterday which was about two weeks since i ordered my groceries i have noticed something odd whilst checking my bank statement and that is i have been shopping for food elsewhere. And i may add that the food that i originally bought is still in the cupboard and moldering away in the fridge. So whatever my thought was originally it didn’t work. I have decided that what i need is a VERY BIG NOTICE THAT SAYS – STOP! DON’T DO IT!

I often tell my children that money is like water and if they don’t keep it contained properly it will run away without much help from us. I am not a rich person and so to me every penny i have counts. However i am of the belief that for most of us in the western world we have enough money to survive (i am not saying everyone) if we learn how to use it properly. When we want to bring about change in our lives then we need to know what we want to achieve. For me that would be to take control of my money and understand better how i am spending it; what on and when for instance.

I am not sure how benefit money is paid in other countries so i can only write about what happens in the UK. In the UK benefit money is normally paid every two weeks in arrears. So i get paid some money every alternate Thursday. Then once a month i get a disability payment and my pension (which is not a lot of money). Remember i am a Planner not a Doer, so planning what i would like to do will not be as easy as doing it, it is just the way i am. I could buy myself a little notebook and pretend that i am going to write down everything i spend and when, but after the first day i would probably leave it somewhere and then forget i ever had it in the first place.

So i have these thoughts; my bank account will be my little notebook, which means that all bills will be paid from there and i will use my bank card whenever possible and therefore not carry around much cash. Although i always need a little cash, usually for taxis. I plan to thoroughly clear out my fridge and food cupboard and take stock of what is good and what is not. Except for bananas and clementines i am going to stop buying fruit unless it comes in a tin/can.

I shall come back to this once my cupboard and fridge is clear and shall bring pictures and share more about why i buy tinned/canned fruit and often soup and not wonderfully fresh fruit and vegetables, there is a very good reason – honest!


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