Free Vitamin D

Free Vitamin D

sunshineNB: Please bear with me while i am teaching my computer voice recognition. Although i will try and correct any obvious errors going through and checking and changing everything defeats the object, which is to give my hands a rest.

Free vitamin D

Many people today are being diagnosed with the vitamin D deficiency and yet vitamin D is free.  This Vitamin is known as the sunshine Vitamin because we get it from sunshine.  So why are so many people deficient in it?

Some 60 years ago many children were found to be Vitamin D deficient.  The disease that we get when we are deficient in this Vitamin is rickets.  One of the obvious characteristics of rickets is or was that children tended to be bow legged.  For the body to be able to use vitamin D we also need to have the correct amount a calcium.  Calcium changes vitamin D, which is stored in our liver, and super charges it.  It is only when it is super charged that our bodies can use it.  It is well known that calcium is needed for strong bones but the many do not realise that we also need vitamin D too.

The cause behind vitamin D deficiency is the same now as it was 60 years ago, it is because we are not getting enough sunshine.  60 years ago rickets was more prevalent in cities, this was because most cities would be clouded in smog.  Smog is a combination of smoke from fires and fog.  As there was more industry in cities and more people living there the air was often clouded with smoke.  Today due to acts of parliament most cities now have clean air.  So what is causing the deficiency today?

Today vitamin D deficiency is caused by the lack of sunshine. The cause of the lack of sunshine is a somewhat different to 60 years ago.  Today the lack of sunshine is because we do not allow our children to go out and play.  I remember when I was a child being given a packed lunch and sent out to play all day with my brother and my sisters, it was very seldom that we were allowed to stay indoors.  However today for whatever reason we have more fear that our children will not be safe unless we can see them.  Added to this is the problem of money.  Both parents are expected to work outside the home to be able to realise a reasonable standard of living.  Unfortunately by not been there for our children when they need us we are laying up in store trouble for the future.

Today as I sit here writing this post the sun is shining outside, okay it is not very warm, but I can hear the children playing just across the road from me in a vacant parking lot. (No one said the sunshine needs to be hot). We need to provide opportunities for our children to be able to benefit from the free vitamin D.  It is not enough to just a pop a pill and expect it to be sufficient.  It takes just 10 minutes of sunshine three times the a week to store up enough vitamin D to last us for eight weeks.  We also need to add a varied diet.  We cannot get the sunshine Vitamin from our food alone in fact it occurs naturally in very few foods.  However our bodies are very finely tuned machines and to keep them running at peak performance we need to take into account the food we eat and what we do, which we could call exercise, but exercise carried out outside is of more benefit then go into the gym.

Taking a daily walk is of benefit in more than one way.  I do not say that I am an expert but everything I know can be found somewhere on the Internet.  I am sure that there will always be someone who knows more than I do and I am not in a position to carry out research unless it on myself.  There was a time when I would walk in the park every morning and I would meet an elderly gentleman walking in a small dog and he will call it is morning constitutional, whatever he calls it, he looked good on it.

2 thoughts on “Free Vitamin D

  1. A clever little gadget is a voice recognition app.. much easier on the fingers… Yes Vit D is important and I agree many children now do not go outside and play.. Love walking even in the rain.. Lovely post and at least the Sun is still Free! 😉 xxx

    1. Yes the sun is still free, for now anyway 😉 but will insist that the more something costs the better it will be for you, but not everything! xx

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