What Happened?

What Happened?

fmsAfter having several weeks with controlled pain and lovely peaceful sleep i have reverted back to intense pain and no sleep.

I was reading ‘the tiny project’ and ohhhing and ahhhing over the photos of their tiny house and wondering what had happened to my house project. At the end of last year i was determined to get my house in order and begin to live in the whole of the house and not just my bedroom. However after spending about 6 weeks, clearing, cleaning and decorating my body came to an abrupt halt and has refused to move since.

Did i do too much all in one go? I thought i had been very careful with the amount of work i had done and how often i had done it, but alas…i have no idea?

Over the last two weeks i have had an on-going migraine, however they are not like normal migraines and certainly not like any migraines i use to have up until my fall down stairs and subsequent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Every since i was a teenager i had suffered from occasional migraines, about twice a year, but since i turned 40, which was 10 years ago they changed in intensity and frequency. In fact i could have (almost) uncontrolled migraines for several weeks at a time. My Doctor was concerned and between us i think we tried everything to change things for the better, but to no avail. The affect of the migraine on my body was so bad that i would often lose the use of the left side of my body, this could least for several days.

However since my flying act downstairs i no longer get migraine headaches but i have an almost permanent left sided weakness. This weakness can be so marked that when i went to see my GP about it he was concerned that i had suffered a stroke. He referred me to a neurologists and they in-turn requested an MRI scan of my brain. The scan was clear and showed nothing useful. Leaving me and my Dr with a mystery, which we have decided is probably the Fibromyalgia with an added migraine.

Over the last two weeks i have had horrendous pain down my left side, which as stopped me from sleeping and that in turn has interfered with my day to day activities. Along with increased pain i have also had an increase in the weakness down the left side of my body. Having a non-functioning left side of my body would actually be funny if it wasn’t so scary. The feeling is almost impossible to explain to anyone who doesn’t have a chronic pain condition, this includes my family and my best friends. The best explanation i can come up with is…it is like having continuous flu or tonsillitis and i am not on about a cold and/or a sore throat i am on about the real-deal. Apparently most people who say they have had flu haven’t and if you have, you can bet you will never forget it. Personally i have had both flu and tonsillitis, but not together so i know how it feels. All your joints (every single one) have this intense swollen feeling as if the joints are going to explode, this then triggers pain which runs up and down the bones. You know you have flu when you cannot move and thinking is also too much trouble.

The problem with Fibromyagia is that staying in bed does not make it any better, but in bed i have been for most of the last two weeks. ‘They’ (usually those who have no idea what they are talking about and think it is the flu) say try and walk it off and i do try and not stay in bed all day, every day because it doesn’t help either. The cycle continues until it is done and allows me some sort of normality. Today i have woken with less pain and i feel like i have slept better, the two seem to go hand-in-hand. So, it is time to make plans to move forward with my simple life.

If you have been bed bound for any length of time what did you do to occupy your time?

3 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. visit your blog, read an interesting article. thank you friends for sharing and greetings compassion 🙂

  2. oh how terribly terribly bothersome this Fibromyalgia can be. Why can’t they find a fix for this. With all the scientific minds researching this , that and the other, you’d think they would have figured this one out by now. May God’s grace continue to uphold you my friend.

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