Ready Money

Ready Money

no money6th day of Lent

Although i have written about money and how it has become invisible quite recently i have decided to include it as part of lent. Money, like coins, seem to have two sides and can be used for both good and evil. The world in which we live is very controlled by money and it is all too easy to spend more than you have.

A number of years ago i carried out an experiment with money; where was it going? And was it being spent wisely? I looked at three things, books, magazines and visits to Starbucks or other like establishments. I found that i would buy more books than i could possibly read in a month and most magazines would end up in the bin after a cursory look. As for Starbucks, it is all too easy to go in there for a drink and end up spending three-times the amount of money by buying a sandwich and then a cake. I found i was buying a month; up to 8 glossy magazines, paying about £3-4 for each one, my one visit a week to Starbucks or elsewhere had grown to three-times a week at about £7-8 a go and i was spending up to £50 a months on books, which i was stacking on the shelves and not getting the time to read. I wasn’t buying the books all in one go, i would make a weekly pilgrimage to the book shop. And i know i am not the only one.

I have been trying to find a website that would tell me how many coffees Starbucks sells in a day in the UK, but couldn’t, but i did find this fact; in 2011 Starbucks sold 8.2 million cups of coffee a day in the USA. I have a feeling that that figure would be even higher today judging by how busy my local shop is. Waterstones book shop, which is the only book shop in Bradford stock 30, 000 consumer titles in their average store and we all want a new book, don’t we? Most magazine come out every month and you just have to have the latest, don’t you?

The fact is that we do not need any of that, nope none of it. It will be a rare occasion when the only thing that is available to drink is a coffee and the only thing there is to read is new magazine or book! I stopped buying magazines, i never, ever buy a magazine now not even the ones with the cutesy ‘thingy’ on the front. I do not have the money to eat out three times a week and usually when i go out for  lunch my friend pays. I won’t say i never frequent cafe’s because that would be a lie and i try not to do that either. I wouldn’t even call it proper food, it is often loaded with sugar and/or fat.  As for book? Books will always be my weakness, but truthfully i have enough books on my own book case to last me quite some time and then there is the new library. I do love the feel of a new book though! And there is always that ‘new title’ that you really must read!!

If i were to ask you how much money you had in your purse would you know? If you took money out of the bank, let’s say £20 (or the equivalent) would you know by the end of the week what you had spent it on. I am not giving up money for lent, it is not possible to give up money and survive even for lent, but i am giving up the ‘easy come, easy go’ feeling that can come with money. I am going to be asking myself ‘do i really need this?’ before i buy or pay for anything.

On it’s own money is not evil but it’s misuse is. The lack of money can make individuals feel like outsides, i know i am now an outsider. Yet we can do so much good with money if only we say ‘no’ to some of the pleasures of this world. What has cost you money in the past that you have now let go off?


4 thoughts on “Ready Money

  1. I agree its not money that is at the root of ‘evil’ but what we do with it… Unfortunately we live in material world… So Money is part of that experience.. Money has never ruled my life… although its provided comfort as I worked to earn it.. What question I would like to ask.. is how would some people cope if we for some reason didnt have any! if all money became worthless, how would they cope?…
    Money may buy is many things which bring us life’s luxuries.. but it will never provide happiness……
    I wonder if we would be willing to share our skills and time if we had to barter for provisions? I wonder who would look after the elderly and infirm, if wages were not paid?… I wonder about a lot of things Beverley perhaps too much… We have become conditioned to money and all it entails… At the expense of loosing the very things we hold dear..

    A very thought provoking post for Lent dear Beverley.. thank you my friend… Hugs Sue xx

    1. To answer your question from my point of view and what the church teaches and that we should learn survival skills, such as how to plant and grow an edible garden and have a 48 bag packed and ready to leave at a moments noticed. We are advised to get out of debt and stay out of it. Also to have 3 months supply of food that we eat and then to add long term staples such as wheat, dried milk, salt, honey, and water. I think there will come a time when money will have little or no value and we should prepare now for such a time.
      As for the elderly and the infirm i think the truly needy will be taken care of and maybe given a task that they can do to pay for what they have been given, when i say pay i don’t mean money i mean barter.
      We live with far more than we need. We are under the illusion that we will always have the same luxuries but i think the time will come when we will learn differently. Many are already doing so. Thanks for your comments xx

      1. You are wise Beverley in keeping a good Food stock, so do we… and water supply.. we also have a small generator too which could keep the freezer going for a time..
        I feel the future will be totally different too whereby Bartering for skills will be needed… And perhaps sooner than any of us suspect!.. Loved your in-depth reply thank you xox

      2. It always want people to understand the God i know as being one that knows all of our needs both temporal and spiritual and does what he can to prepare us for what is to come, if only we are willing to listen.

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