A Sorrowing Heart

A Sorrowing Heart

Day 16

original painting by Simon Dewey, so many people have used it on their websites it's difficult to track it's origin
original painting by Simon Dewey, so many people have used it on their websites it’s difficult to track it’s origin

For the last couple of days I have had someone come onto my blog and be generally mean and nasty. However last night I did something to end this person’s tirade. I meant to hit block but my hand clicked the button over ‘Spam’. All I can say is, maybe God knows something I don’t.

To list another person has ‘spam’ means that wordpress blocks their blog. It is a mean thing to do as well, but maybe I was supposed to. Not that it makes me feels any less mean this morning.

I have also set my blog so that it is now not searchable neither will it be shown on the ‘what’s hot’ list from wordpress. This is to try and prevent others from doing the same thing again. If this person comes back again and we all know that we can quite easily make ourselves into someone else and set up shop again, I will need to set my blog to ‘private’. I do not understand why someone writes a private blog, I believe that if you want a private online space to write in you should find one of the many online journals/diaries that seem to have appeared. If I have to set it to private I will let you know.

Right now I am on my own journey of lent. I do not attend a church that includes lent as it’s practice, but I see it has a time to account for myself. Right now I am writing about my beliefs a lot more than I usually do. However it is my blog and I do not apologise for this. I believe every person is allowed to believed what they may, but no one has a right to openly on my blog vehemently speak out against my God, the church that I go to, my family, my friends or myself and anyone who does will get slapped. However what a person says on their own blog is up to them and I will extend them the same courtesy. That does not mean that someone cannot disagree with what I have written, you can, but we all know there is a good way and a bad way to do this.

I am sure, because I know that I have done it myself, there are times when someone you are following writes something you are not interested in and you either don’t read it at all, only read part of it, read but don’t like or comment on it. This is the world of blogging. I do not, no never have expected people to flock to my blog and tell me I am wonderful, although occasionally it would be nice.

Everything on my Blog is mine, unless I indicate otherwise. If I use a quote or a photo from somewhere else I will try and find its original source and label it has such. I expect anyone using material from my blog to do the same. If you want me to write ‘copyright of’ at the end of everything, I can do that for you. On a side note; I am often surprised that it’s the posts written on the spur of the moment, the simple truths that often bring the biggest roar from the crowds. The ones I spend hours on often slip by hardly noticed.

One last point; I have no intention of setting up shop on my blog. Other people have done so very successfully and I salute them, but it’s not me. So if you followed me with your blog/webpage telling me I’ll be a millionaire selling things from my blog you are in the wrong place.

As for everyone else I Thank you for your continuing support with all my heart and soul. As I am now having to hide in a cove I am asking that if I write something that inspires you, that you will share it with others.


9 thoughts on “A Sorrowing Heart

  1. Sorry to hear you have had problems with unwanted comments Beverley, The Universe usually has a plan and I think it was being executed by your hand :-)…. There are some mean spirited Humans in this world Beverley… And I for one applaud you for keeping Lent the way you wish to connect and express it… Have a beautiful Day.. Hugs Sue xox

      1. Yes the wind is howling ever stronger this morning Beverley and much colder… The sun was shining on my way back from work at 8am, but has since disappeared.. Have a good Day.. xx

  2. Beverley, I’m so sorry to hear you were being harassed like that. Lately I haven’t been following the blogs I usually read very well – I’ve been running on overload and just couldn’t read or post the way I wanted to, so I missed the whole episode. But I hope this is the last time you have that kind of problem. As Sue Dreamwalker said, there are some mean-hearted people who seem to enjoy scolding and ridiculing (I assume that’s more or less what was going on). God bless you, and I hope this doesn’t discourage you.

    1. Thank you. i now follow fewer blogs because of all the reasons you have said, but it means that i get to read more of the ones that are important to me. I let the first comment go but then they just kept coming.

  3. Sounds to me like you did the right thing, Beverley. Not everyone in the blogosphere is as nice as you. I’ve noticed an increase in “spam” followers even on a group’s Facebook page–I guess I shouldn’t expect the social media world to be any less crazy than the “real” world. 🙂 We need God everywhere.

    1. Thank you. It feels better today. Yes i have seen an increase in spam on my blog too, but some you are unable to delete which is even more annoying.

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