Writing Jesus on your heart

Writing Jesus on your heart

Day 21 of Lent

IMG_1691I have learnt two new things about Lent and these are; that Lent is not practiced on Sunday’s has this is the day that we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection and Lent finishes the Thursday before Good Friday, when you are supposed to mourn for Jesus’ death until the Sunday, when we can all celebrate again. Having spent time this year learning things i either thought i knew about Lent or learning new things about Lent i have had a more fulfilling Lent.

I have continued in my own desires to ‘hear no evil, see no evil or speak no evil’. There as been moments when i have had to turn away from the what i see personally as evil and i am not saying for one moment that what i view as evil is true, or right, but it is for me and as this journey is all about me and my relationship with Jesus Christ then i can set my own rules, within the boundaries set by Lent and by the the Master himself. However today’s post is going back to something i began back in December 2013, which seems ages away now, but really it’s not.

I read a book by the tile of ‘Raising a Lady In Waiting‘ by Jackie Kendall and one of the ways she says that we can use to write Jesus in our hearts and in the hearts of our daughters is to read from the Bible every day. Now she talked about the fact that if you are sharing the Bible with a small child there is nothing wrong with reading it in picture form, or story form. However i am not a child and so i decided that i would begin from Genesis chapter one and read one chapter a day. Actually as i have my scriptures downloaded to my mobile phone i have had my mobile read me one chapter a night before i sleep.

I am now had reached Leviticus  chapter 20. It has been a fascinating journey and one i intend to continue. I have been a teacher of religion for over 20 years and yet just by listening to one chapter a day i am now there with Moses and the Hebrews. I am there watching the Priests build the temple and complete the ordinances therein as commanded. I think my most recent revelation was in Leviticus 12, where we are instructed on the purification of women after childbirth. The chapter contains just 8 verses but after having it read to me, i had to then go and read it again. It made me smile. If you haven’t read it at all or for a while, i shall you to find out what it says for yourself, if you so wish.

Now i read from the King James translation of the Bible, this is the one that i have always read from even before i found Jesus for myself. I know other people, including my friend find newer versions more useful and that is also alright, but for me i like the King James version, maybe it is because it is what i know the best. Jackie Kendall is correct is saying that by reading from the Bible every day does help you to write Jesus on your heart.


3 thoughts on “Writing Jesus on your heart

    1. I think sometimes we get so busy that we do not hear what our heart is telling us, or sometimes we get afraid to follow it. Thanks for your support and friendship xx

      1. You are welcome Beverley.. And the last few days I listened to my heart.. and told myself to rest up more and do the things I enjoyed. 🙂 Its good to be a little selfish now and again .. xxxx Hugs

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