United Sisterhood

United Sisterhood

Day 29

There are times when i think ‘i need something else’! I am not even sure what the something else is, but i think i need it anyway. In a world that has taught us ‘to want’ more than me actually need we can often lose sight of what is most important.

Last weekend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints held it’s Annual Women’s meeting. But this year there was something new. This year they not only included the women who were 18 years and older, neither did they just invite the Young Women, aged 12-17 years, but for the first time ever they included the girls aged 8-11 years as well. The overall theme was that we need each other, we can learn from each other, the older women can learn as well as teach the younger ones and vice versa.

Many words were shared, but here is a few of the closing remarks by President Henry B Eyring

I do not need to find a ‘Circle of Women’ because i already have one and although there are many of my sisters i will never meet in this life there is an eternal bond between us that cannot be broken.

daughters in god's kingdom


It can all be watched here.


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